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Historical Fiction Novel “Keeper of the Shroud” Takes Readers on an Epic Adventure

Keeper of the Shroud, the latest novel by Michele Wallace Campanelli, is a gripping tale of love, faith, and redemption set in a medieval kingdom. The story follows Princess Bella, a young woman scarred by her past, as she navigates the treacherous political landscape of Valtearea. Forced into a marriage of convenience with Prince Louis, known as the ‘Beheader,’ Bella finds herself in a world of intrigue and danger. When Prince Louis steals the burial shroud of Jesus from crusaders who protect it, Bella is faced with a choice that could change the course of her life.

As strange occurrences and miracles unfold in the castle, Bella must choose between her husband and her newfound beliefs. With faith and courage, she embarks on a journey that challenges the very essence of her existence.

Critics praise that this book is, “for every Christian on the planet,” and that, “In a nut shell, this book is the best Christian book ever written.” Also, The Moving Words review calls “Keeper of the Shroud” as “a refreshing take on a familiar genre, a valuable read for anyone seeking both escape and enlightenment.”

Facts Behind the Fiction. The linen shroud which supposedly served as a burial cloth for Jesus Christ is known today as the Shroud of Turin. Documented reports by theologians recount healings of the sick, as well as a glowing warmth of the cloth years after Jesus’ death. In 944 A.D., the material was called the Edessa cloth. According to historical accounts this controversial linen has been rescued from several fires and disappeared in the year 1209 A.D. On this basis, The Keeper of the Shroud presents a fictionalized account of what might have happened to this linen during those missing years. The setting of Keeper of the Shroud begins in a castle which stands today in southern France, Carcassonne.

This novel is a captivating story of love, faith, and the power of redemption. Michele Wallace Campanelli’s vivid descriptions and engaging narrative style keep readers enthralled from beginning to end. The book is available now on Amazon.

The Author. Michele Wallace Campanelli is an acclaimed author known for her storytelling and richly detailed historical fiction, also demonstrated in the sequel to this book titled “Taker of the Shroud.” She has had nine stories appearing on the best-sellers list, including two that reached #1 on the New York Times. Her short stories have been included in over 30 international selling anthologies. She has also penned numerous novels, magazines, and newspaper articles in both fiction and non-fiction published by a wide variety of publishing companies. Over 57 million people have read her written works internationally. Her mission as a writer is to help nurture emerging writers as they hone their voice.

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