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Historical Fiction

Review – Israela

by Dr. Batya Casper Israela by Dr. Batya Casper is a persuasive story that links the personal and the political, shedding light on the human

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Review – Hidden: Nistar

by Batya Casper In Hidden: Nistar, Batya Casper masterfully weaves a tapestry of secrecy and survival, set against the stark backdrop of war. This compelling

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Taker Of The Shroud

by Michele Wallace Campanelli Michele Wallace Campanelli delivers an exciting yet brief continuation of her “Keeper of the Shroud Series.” In the sequel, “The Taker

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The Artist

by Michele Wallace Campanelli After receiving word that her great aunt Barbara has suffered a great fall, Mia and her cousin, Nathan, set out to

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Twelfth Winter

by J. Arthur Moore The book Twelfth Winter by J. Arthur Moore paints an enthralling and captivating image of Michael’s world. From the first pages,

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