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Honor to the Great Head of the Church: A Transformational Model for Church Leadership, Administration, and Management

by Margarette W. Williams

To grow and transform a community, people should be encouraged, inspired, and motivated to succeed in ways that make a difference. That’s why transformational leadership is greatly beneficial to churches as it contributes to the unity and success of various sects.

In this first volume of the Transformational Church Administration Series, Margarette pens a manual to unite people around a shared enthusiasm for God’s intended purpose and mission for His church. Throughout the book, church leaders are exhorted to connect with and interact with their followers to change their lives by enhancing morals and motivation.

These sorts of leaders shall focus on the organization’s objective through encouraging their followers by demonstrating the vision, challenging each individual to learn and ask questions, taking into account the needs of the individual, and inspiring people to realize their full potential through motivation. The book explains the importance of consciously combining God’s divine mission as articulated in biblical theology with practical organizational leadership and management applications.

For the church to remain under the Lordship of Christ, it must be in a continuous pursuit to seek Jesus the Christ in all engagements of worship, administration, management, and service. Therefore, transformational leaders are listeners who do not pass judgment on their circumstances but, instead, encourage people to persevere and never give up. They are focused on the organization’s mission, calling, and vision.

The call of God to redeem lost man to redemption and discipleship is emphasized as functions that can be anchored in service models and organizations. From the learners’ view, they gain a biblical perspective on leadership and administration. So, the leadership theories and management principles presented lead to results that bring edification to the glory of God in all aspects of church leadership and administration.

We have had transformational leaders since the time of Jesus. But you can be transformational by actively furthering your faith in your personal and professional lives, while also motivating (transforming) others to do the same. You can start learning more about leadership and how to become a transformative leader from this book.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry, The Most Moving Award: Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Dr. Margarette Williams is a wife, mother, businesswoman, and a Christian educator. She is married to Lewis Williams, and is the mother of two daughters, Marceinia (Gregory) & Lyska (Terrance) two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren (Malcolm, Jordan, Jayden, Maya, & Johnathan).

Dr. Margarette Williams is President & CEO of LEAPS Initiatives, LLC; operating with a 36-year history in the primary businesses, Ephesus Christian Bookstore & Heritage Fashions Boutique. Her Sharper Image Barber and Styling Salon presently contract with independent barbers and stylists.

Dr. Williams earned the Doctor of Education in Higher Education from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and is a 2013 graduate of Trinity Theological Seminary, receiving the Ph.D. in Ministry Leadership.

Dr. Williams serves as Director of Ministries and Christian Education at New St. Hurricane MBC. She serves as President of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Regular St. Marion District Association of Pine Bluff.

As a writer for Sunday School Lessons at the Sunday School Publishing Board, the National Women’s Auxiliary Mission Lessons, and The Informer, Dr. Williams has written numerous articles and her lessons are featured in Christian publications across the National Baptist Convention. She served fourteen years as assessor and evaluator for the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education, National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

Her newest business venture, Transformational Consultants Institute, located at 901 West 6th Avenue, Pine Bluff, AR is a 501 c3 Internal Revenue Service nonprofit organization from which Dr. Williams serves congregations, businesses, educators, and the community as an organizational systems management consultant. In 2018, Dr. Williams launched the Behind the Veil Expository Teaching & Writing Ministry Lunch & Learn Class. She coins it Chit Chat & Chew with Dr. Margarette. Her expert skills in biblical exposition have garnered widespread support for the school from the community.

Dr. Williams is a teacher, an author, a motivational speaker, and a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is completing the writing of her first book, HONOR To The Great Head of the Church: A Transformational Model for Church Leadership, Administration, and Management. This first book is Volume One of The Transformational Church Administration Series designed to implement transformational advancements for church growth.