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How Racism is Trying to Trump Our Democracy

by Mr. Ahimaaz

“No one is free until we all are free” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Racism is a political and cultural tool that has been used to divide people for ages. The history of racism dates back to the time when foreigners first reached American shores. Racism has been used to oppress, divide, destabilize, and rob communities of power, from Native Americans to Afro-Americans. How Racism is Trying to Trump Our Democracy by Ahimaaz is a short book that explains the history of racism and its dynamics from the beginning to the present era.

The United States was a forerunner in civil rights and modern democracy. But the history of the United States is plagued with racial injustice and brutality. Most of these violent incidents were either erased or buried for convenience. Nonetheless, the truth can’t be suppressed for long. This book is an exceptional educational resource on this aspect. It chronologically summarizes various incidents not only in the history of African Americans but also of Latin Americans, Native Indians, and Asian Americans.

The author also explains how various racist organizations operated and preached their white-supremacist agendas on American soil since the mid-nineteenth century. Many racist groups are still actively working and spreading hate to this date.

Racist agendas got a huge boost under the reign of Donald Trump. The author explains how these political leaders used racism to their advantage. Policies such as denial of the COVID-19 virus and subsequent mismanagement derailed the whole system of the country. Lastly, the book ends with how racist agendas encouraged mob violence in the light of recent incidents at the Capitol.

Fighting against racism is an unending process. Though the intensity of violence has decreased over the years, there is still a long way to go. Racism is an agenda incorporated into the culture. How Racism is Trying to Trump Our Democracy gives a comprehensive overview of this. It also explains how modern-day politics leverages this issue to capture power.

The hatred is being passed down through the generations. Racist groups are drawing many followers even in this modern era. This underlines how deep-rooted this issue is. This short book is an excellent way to educate people on racism. Education and raising awareness are the first steps toward changing things.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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