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How To (NOT) Fall Flat on Your Face in College:
Where the Nose Meets the Grindstone
or the Face Hits the Floor

by Robert D. Engelken Ph.D. P.E.

College can be a time to see who you are, as a person, and maybe gain a skill that can lead to a profitable career. It is also relatively easy to fall “off the rails” and turn college into a disaster. The latter part is something that the book’s author knows all too well.

In his book, “How To (NOT) Fall Flat on Your Face in College: Where the Nose Meets the Grindstone or the Face Hits the Floor,” Robert D. Engelken offers a candid yet handy guide for college students. From prioritizing the college-party lifestyle to treating college as just an extension of high school, he goes deep into the root of such problems with finesse, wit, and experience. He also encourages students to build better habits that go well beyond academia.

Through this guide, the author emphasizes that it’s never too late to achieve an unforgettable college experience, even if you’re already on the road to graduation. Once you develop some of these crucial habits to attain academic success, you can effortlessly transfer these habits into your work environment.

Another bonus to this guide is that current college students aren’t the only ones who can benefit from his experience. High school students and concerned parents may even find how relatable his advice and perspectives are. Another thing I liked about the book is how the author makes it a point to connect each generation figure to relevant issues of modern-day college students. I do not doubt that his guide will still be relevant to students in the upcoming future.

If you like humor, wit, and honesty laced with lessons that can change your life for the better, then nothing beats this book. Besides, who better to give college advice than a college professor? You surely won’t regret it.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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