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I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets

by Carl Kegerreis

An epic story of intertwined pasts, secrets that span generations, dangerous threats, strange phenomena, and the unknown. That is the plot of I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets, the newest mystery/fiction book by author Carl Kegerreis.

The tale begins amidst the Vietnam War, wherein a young Captain of the Air Force of the United States, Oley Washington Jr., faces the hardship of being stranded in the middle of enemy territory. His fate is left to the hands of captors, who take Oley in as a prisoner and leave no breadcrumbs behind. As a result, the captain is considered MIA by the country he once served, just as many of his brothers in arms.

Many years later, the FBI retiree Haywood and his wife Lilly are enjoying their retirement on a trip that takes them to Canada and back to the US. When they get to Detroit, an idea pops into Haywood’s mind: he would write a book about the homeless community in the city, and his curiosity regarding the poor dwellers of that area takes him to witness a bizarre phenomenon that defies logic and common sense.

But, little did he know, that was just the beginning of a series of improbable coincidences and uncanny miracles that would set his family and friends, as well as a national hero, on a risky – yet rewarding – route.

I Wish I Had Those Gasoline Pellets is a contemporary work of fiction written by Kegerreis right at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is an enjoyable read – the author takes no time in excessively describing places and people, leaving it to the reader’s imagination and going straight to the action with short paragraphs and chapters. This book is an excellent read for when you need some fiction magic to let your mind wander leisurely.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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