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If Love Is Blind, Marriage Can Restore Your Vision

by David C. Cory

They say that every year in the United States, over one million couples have ended their marriage. This finding can easily translate to at least a yearly divorce for every two marriages! With issues like incompatibility in sex, rearing children, and familial dispute—divorce affects more than just the couple involved. Whether they have children or not, marriage is a serious commitment requiring careful consideration before taking the vows and saying, “I do.”

In his book, “If Love is Blind, Marriage Can Restore Your Vision,” author David C. Cory offers sage and blunt advice on the best way to prevent divorce. As a lawyer who has advised numerous couples seeking a divorce, he offers a brief yet informative guide on how to let people examine their relationship with a critical eye. From offering exercises that ask why you wish to marry this person to the expectations of what marriage is like in the later years, his advice and perspective are ultimately priceless.

The author doesn’t mince words. He’s direct yet realistic, and his goal is evident as he aims to get people thinking before they take that big vow. With so many divorce cases taking up time and money in court, he believes that the only way to lower this rate is to get people to marry with their hearts and minds.

As I read through the pages, I find myself engrossed with his words. While his blunt advice may not be “romantic” to some who want that fairy-tale ending, the author ultimately does this as an act of kindness. He doesn’t want you to stay in a loveless marriage nor you to be cynical about love or romance. If anything, he wants you to make intelligent decisions and to have a long-lasting marriage. However, before you can reach your “happily-ever-after,” it is essential that you understand why it’s necessary to examine your engagement and relationship closely first.

With great exercises, practical advice, and unwavering honesty, I implore anyone contemplating marriage to read this book first. Additionally, if you know a couple who may be heading for that next step, this book may be the ultimate guide to help them take a look into their relationship. It is simply a book not worth skipping over.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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