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If the World Only Knew:
It’s Time to Wake up and Heal

by Jason T. Beck

“If the world only knew, we would all live in harmony with all that is . . . and the world would be new.”


Author Jason T. Beck pens a brief yet inspiring read in his book, “If the World Only Knew: It’s Time to Wake up and Heal.” He creates a handy guide to “simplified metaphysics” to educate others on how God, the Universe, Life Source of Creation, Mother Nature, and Consciousness are all one and the same. The only reason why the concept has so many different labels is because of how people perceive it. What Christians may call “God,” philosophers call the “Universe,” and so on.


Regardless of each individual’s perspective and which label they prefer to use, the author emphasizes one central message:

“We are all one, with no separation from anything or anyone, in one energy field called God, the Universe, or one of the other labels listed above.”

Readers who will learn the fundamentals of universal mechanics that create, guide, and govern our existence can expect an easy-to-read guide. The author makes it a point to use simple yet comprehensive words to avoid complicating the message he is aiming to convey. Once you read his work, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you have more power than you think. We just have to make it a point to take the first few steps forward. Think of this book as a guiding hand to help you ease into your spiritual journey regardless of whether you are religious or not.


Overall, it’s a great book. Every page is filled with incredible messages that aim to inspire and encourage you to see things in a new light. If you ever feel lost and believe there is something beyond our physical world, this book is a great read to have your questions answered.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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