In the News: Boyd B. McNiel

Author Boyd B. McNiel Announces the Publication of His New Book

October 20, 2020 — Notable author Boyd B. McNiel is excited to announce the release of his third eye-opening book titled, Let Me Count the Ways: In Which We Have All Been Deceived which is available on Amazon.

Adding to his previous collection of eye-opening books, “Let Me Count the Ways: In Which We Have All Been Deceived” offers comprehensive rationales and demonstrations on how all of society has been intentionally misled throughout the centuries by the misguided scribes and uninformed pastors. This book’s real value is that the author utilizes “e-Sword”, which is a computer software program, which helps the reader examine the origins of the original Hebrew texts and associates this information with various versions of the Bible and historical events – unveiling discrepancies within the overall scriptures which have been taught to the uneducated masses for thousands of years.

According to The Moving Words Review (a publicity company in Wyoming), the author is a real connoisseur of the Scriptures and the mythos that surrounds it – and this is shown by the very in-depth explanations he offers to demonstrate his conclusions.

Boyd’s book also offers a completely different perspective about everyday concepts which society takes for granted, such as the days of the week, the months of the year, and the number of days and hours that society as a whole believes to be ordinary and will have the reader viewing the world in a completely different light by the end of it. Let Me Count the Ways: In Which We Have All Been Deceived is an astonishing book that provides the reader invaluable insight into the Knowledge of The Truth of what the scriptures originally intended to teach and it is the perfect book for readers who are in search of what is real and true.

Esteemed author Boyd B. McNiel is a former US Navy Sailor and retired carpenter. McNiel has over 20 years of experience as a serious Scriptural scholar. Throughout his life, McNiel has developed a mental aptitude for perfection and is passionate in exploring the truth by questioning things that do not make sense when determining right from wrong within everyday religious teachings.

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