In the News: Dale Parry

“Dondobee” Released: A Delightful Fantasy Book for Kids and Family

July 27, 2020 — Dondobee or the Adventures of a Leolian Elf, a new children’s book authored by Dale Parry, has been released. The book is based in a fantasy world but teaches real-life moral lessons. Children will enjoy reading about the adventures of three elves and an urchin boy named Coal. Parents will appreciate the message of the importance of seeing the beauty in everyone woven throughout the story.

In the book, the author shares the delightful tale of Dondobee, a faithful elf who is imprisoned for his ugliness. Dondobee is the embodiment of someone who may not be pleasant to look upon on the outside, but who is truly beautiful on the inside. As this tale of adventure unfolds, the lovable characters learn to appreciate the people and things in life that seem to be ugly at first, but are really truly beautiful.

“‘Dondobee’ is an entertaining and thoughtful children’s book, and we were excited to feature it in our recent blog post,” explained Mike Ramos, Operations Manager of The Moving Words. The Moving Words is an online publicity company that helps books with an enlightening message be noticed and sold.

The author Dale Parry has been involved with the professional theater and academia most of his life; he has acted in, directed and produced Off Broadway plays from New York City to San Francisco. Parry has always enjoyed entertaining children and in fact toured with a theater group out of Boston that performed literary classics for school kids, like some of Edgar Allan Poe’s works. He is still actively involved with local theater groups.

For those interested in learning more about “Dondobee,” visit the author’s website.