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In the News: Earl W. Fee

91-Year-Old Runner and 60-Time World Record Breaker Releases Autobiography, “Earl Fee Is Running”

July 31, 2020 – Earl W. Fee is the definition of a late bloomer success story, breaking 60 world records in master’s running and hurdling all after the age of 57. The 91-year-old shares his secrets to perseverance, anti-aging and running methods in his autobiography Earl Fee is Running.

In the book, Fee details his life’s adventures spanning the years between 1929 to 2018. Highlights include his incredibly effective running workouts and his experiences at 17 World Masters Championships. He also shares some of his inspiring poetry as well as fascinating descriptions of his friendships with five legendary athletes. According to Fee: “Perseverance pays off. My success came late in life. So never give up.” That is a motivational theme running throughout the book.

“Earl is such an inspiring guy and he’s written a truly entertaining and helpful autobiography,” explained Mike Ramos, Manager of the Publicity Department of The Moving Words. “Beyond his incredible achievements, he’s also a genuinely kind, positive person who believes in empathy, gratitude and helping others. You can see that in his poetry books, “Living With Spirit” and “The Wonder of It All.”

In his 91 years, Earl has been a nuclear power consultant, poet, artist, champion runner, coach, motivational speaker and author of other well-known titles such as “The Complete Guide To Running” and “One Hundred Years Young the Natural Way.” In 2005 and 2019, he was recognized by the World Masters Athletics as the Male Master Athlete of the World. For several decades he has been honored in the USA and Canada with the name: “The Great Earl.” As one of the oldest living legendary runners, Fee maintains a healthy lifestyle and shares healthy living advice on his Facebook page. You can also visit his website.