In the News: H. Ann Ackroyd

“Across the Rift:” New Historical Novel Written in Rhythmic Prose

July 29, 2020 — There are few historical fiction books out there that focus on World War II from the perspective of multiple people, and even fewer that are written in rhythmic prose. That’s what sets Author H. Ann Ackroyd’s novel apart from others. Across the Rift explores the conflicts of World War II in a truly unique way.

Because it’s written in rhythmic prose, the book is easy to read, despite the weighty subject matter. Another unique aspect of “Across the Rift” is the multiple perspectives from which the story is told. Readers are able to experience World War II from the vantage points of several members of the same family. From their perspectives living in Britain, Nazi-occupied Austria and Southern Rhodesia in Africa, the family members all experience the same war-torn conflict from opposing sides, such as:

– the bombing of London, England or the bombing of Vienna, Austria
– the British retreat from Dunkirk or the German onslaught on Dunkirk
– the euphoria of victory in Britain or the misery of defeat in Austria
– the wartime deprivations in Britain or the destitution of Nazi-occupied Austria

“This book is full of moving stories and powerful lessons,” said Mike Ramos, Manager of the Publicity Department of The Moving Words. The Moving Words is an online publicity company that helps books with an enlightening message be noticed and sold. “I believe readers will discover a powerful lesson that’s been woven into Ackroyd’s story. That lesson is that we as humans must learn to get on with one another by concentrating on what we have in common and not on our differences”

For those interested in European historical novels, they can learn more about “Across the Rift” or purchase a copy of the book on the author’s website.