In the News: H. Ann Ackroyd

“Colonial Adventure and Other Stories:” Graphic Novella Explores Racial Conflict During British Colonial History

August 13, 2020 — A new graphic novella from Author H. Ann Ackroyd dives into the conflict surrounding Britain’s colonial presence in southern Africa. Colonial Adventure and Other Stories is written in rhythmic prose, making it an exciting and easy-to-read glimpse into ancient Zimbabwe at a time when Africans were starting to reclaim their land from British colonials.

In the book, Ackroyd, who was born in Rhodesia, Africa, takes a unique perspective on the issue of racial discrimination. On one side, the story is told from the viewpoint of the Africans who are against the British colonies. The opposite viewpoint is that of a British couple who establishes a large agricultural operation in what was then Southern Rhodesia, later Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe. With the rise of black nationalism, the black majority rebels, leading to a brutal civil war that damages every segment of the population.

The book also includes a series of short stories, including viewpoints such as a female architect from Haiti, a retired actor and a young boy abandoned by his mother. Other included poems highlight an over-reaction in the climate of fear about Islam, an outrage against a teenager seeking to free herself from family domination and a dramatic monologue conducted by an African dictator.

“Colonial Adventure and Other Stories” is full of exciting tales set against the background of a part of history not often told,” explained Mike Ramos, Manager of the Publicity Department of The Moving Words. The Moving Words is an online publicity company that helps books with an enlightening message be noticed and sold. “The stories in this book deserve attention as they give hope for a more peaceful future if only society can develop tolerance and understanding for each other.”

For those interested in learning more about “Colonial Adventure and Other Stories” or purchasing a copy of the book, they can visit the author’s website.