In the News: Kalie Marino

Notable Author Kalie Marino Announces the Release of Her Latest Psycho-Spiritual Growth Book on Amazon

November 14, 2020 — Author Kalie Marino is excited to announce the release of her latest edition psycho-spiritual growth book, Breaking Free from the Inner Critic: The Underlying Causes of All Addictions and Social Problems which is now available on Amazon. The book masterfully illustrates how potent human consciousness is and how human awareness and innate strength can inspire and guide people to a place of healing and oneness throughout their lifetime.

The author’s message is both compelling and remarkable. She seamlessly demonstrates that the habit of being critical in everyday reality is a destructive addiction which is the underlying cause of all other addictions and is society’s most extraordinary demise. Breaking Free from the Inner Critic provides readers with a new perspective on self-improvement and personal growth to defeat addictions fueled by individual and global self-sabotaging behaviors.

Marino explains that habitual criticism possesses the same characteristics as narcotics: habit-forming, mood-altering, and life-threatening. She illustrates that from the moment someone is born, human experiences derived from the environment ultimately program one’s thoughts and beliefs. When an individual allows habitual criticism to consume one’s consciousness, it can lead to destructive behaviors and adversely affect one’s mental and physical health. This, in turn, is what forms and fuels limiting beliefs within each member of society on a conscious and subconscious level.

The book offers valuable insight to help reprogram the mind in breaking free from the vicious cycle of self-doubt and other limiting beliefs that humankind has been conditioned to believe are real. Breaking Free from the Inner Critic was written in an interactive narration style with real-life examples and events in history and theology. The author delicately incorporates hints of humor that allow the reader to digest the book’s contents in one sitting with ease as they tune into their inner and external peace of mind. Breaking Free from the Inner Critic is revolutionary. It is the perfect read for those interested in holistic perspectives that explain the world around us and spiritual growth.

Esteemed author Kalie Marino, MSW, is a holistic and spiritual counselor and well-respected public speaker with a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from The University of Iowa. With years of expertise in spirituality, relationships, and transformation, she takes pride in educating others on the subjects of personal power, love, and altering the conscious states of mind. Kalie Marino is also an ordained interfaith minister and founder of the Open Heart Institute for Holistic and Spiritual Education. She is also the creator of the famous seminar called A Course in Miracles, which she has been teaching all across the country since 1978. For more information, visit Kalie Marino’s website.