In the News: Kitty McCaffrey

Kitty McCaffrey Releases Eye-Opening Book Dancing with a Stranger Exposing the Real Dark Side of Ballroom Dancing

December 9, 2020 — Danger can often appear from unexpected places. Kitty McCaffrey’s Dancing with a Stranger reveals that ballroom dancing falls into this category in ways that are sure to shock.

There are many activities where parents, students, and other people participating in them keep a cautious eye for inappropriate or even illegal behavior. Likely, this is partly because the news and media have covered stories of coaches, teachers, and counselors committing reprehensible acts. Unfortunately, there are still some spaces where the same kind of environment can present itself, but the public is less aware of the danger. In that spirit, highly motivated author Kitty McCaffrey has announced the release of her book, Dancing with a Stranger. The book is a deeply detailed and eye-opening account of the very real dark side of ballroom dancing, that Kitty experienced and that still goes on, most unseen, today. The book is being marketed by The Moving Words and is available on Amazon. No one who ballroom dances or with a loved one in or around the ballroom dancing world should skip it.

Dancing with a Stranger is really a warning for dancers,” commented Kitty, who completed dancing lessons to go on to own her own school. “This tells the story of a woman who became so engrossed in the love of dancing, she lost all sense of perspective, opening her up to becoming the victim of a man who was a master manipulator. The type of person who is often found lurking and hunting around the dark side of the ballroom dancing world.”

The book also explores some of the other unhealthy aspects of the lifestyle serious ballroom dancers are expected to live. This draws them away from family and social responsibilities, along with school and work. The financial drain is often quite dramatic, and it likely will have no good return even far into a dancer’s future.

Feedback from Dancing with a Stranger has been quite positive.

Kelly S., from Boston, said in a five-star review, “I was encouraging my daughter to ballroom dance and while has enjoyed it, reading ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ gave me a whole new perspective. I’ve discussed it with her and she is going to explore other, safer and less pressure-filled dance avenues. I fully recommend this book to anyone who has a ballroom dancer in their life.”

For more information be sure to visit the author’s website.