In the News: Melvine Groves

Author Melvine Groves’s “Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics” Winning Praise

December 13, 2020 — A lot of parents and teachers are searching for a powerful resource that can help children learn to read in an enjoyable way. Melvine Groves’s book Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics has built that reputation.

Many believe a child’s first experiences while learning to read can have a lasting effect on how they approach and feel about reading long into their future. This makes the effort to teach reading skills in a way that’s fun and engaging a wise decision. Author, teacher, and mother Melvine Groves understands this deeply. And this was the inspiration for her book Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics. The workbook is winning steady praise from parents and teachers for it being both an excellent resource for reading skills but also for being enjoyable, and helping to teach some important life lessons along the way. The book is being marketed by The Moving Words. It’s available in major online stores.

“I truly enjoyed teaching children of pre-K1 to 4th grades for 30 years,” commented Melvine. “At that time, I’ve seen first-hand what works most often and what doesn’t when it comes to teaching children to read. I am very happy I can continue to work with and help kids as an author.”

According to Melvine, the workbook is intended to act as a compliment and to reinforce other learning resources that build the foundation of a teacher on parents’ approach to teaching students to improve their reading skills. It introduces the basic reading and leads to being able to read and understand complete sentences. The workbook aims to help guide the teacher-student partnership or student-helping-student partnership and parent helping-student partnership.

A common compliment to the book has been its “outside of the box” approach to teaching which resonates with many students in a way that’s quite valuable.

The Moving Words positively remarked in their official review of Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics, “The one unique aspect of this workbook is the author’s use of color to help maintain the attention of the students… Overall, this workbook would be useful to reinforce or practice phonics skills that students are learning.”

Worth purchasing the book on Amazon.