In the News: Ryke Leigh Douglas

Children’s Book Author Ryke Leigh Douglas Releases New Book

October 6, 2020 — Notable children’s book author, Ryke Leigh Douglas, is excited to announce the release of her newest book title, The Tale of Tumeleng.

The Tale of Tumeleng follows a baby elephant and her family as she navigates her new life in Africa. The author compellingly uncovers the diverse dangers and environmental challenges the elephant heard faces while charmingly humanizing the characters to tie in educational moments for the young readers. With its stunning realistic illustrations, The Tale of Tumeleng transports the reader into the midst of a story full of adventures that are indeed unlike any other.

The story also draws attention to the high level of intelligence these majestic giants display and their strong similarities to human-like personalities, presenting in their admiration of each other, the awareness of loyalty to their heard, the ability to learn and interact in their environment, and the emotional expressions they face in distinctive circumstances along the way. Without a doubt, The Tale of Tumeleng is a heartwarming story that depicts overarching themes of the importance of family connections, the adventures of friendships, and the strength of love. It is the perfect read for any curious child and in search of an enchanting experience.

According to BlueInk Review, a world renown influential review company, “The illustrations are excellent, with realistic-looking elephants easily discernible from one another, and the visuals carry a sense of excitement throughout Tumeleng’s adventures… Children, particularly those in grades 2-4, will enjoy this fictional glimpse into the lives of these grand and majestic creatures.”

Renowned author, Ryke Leigh Douglas is a retired teacher with an M.A. in reading specialization from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania. Throughout her career, she has dedicated her time to empowering children to find bliss in reading and storytelling. When she isn’t spending her days writing, Douglas loves visiting schools, libraries, and early learning centers to share her charming stories to children, while encouraging them to expand their writing abilities and creative thinking further. For more information, visit the author’s website.