In the News: Tim Marshall

Shaman & World Class Author Tim Marshall Releases Paradigm Smashing New Fiction Novel “The Intimacy Equation”

February 15, 2021 – What if the NSA stumbled on something that produced heroes that could change the world in very unexpected ways? Tim Marshall explores this exciting, entertaining, and thought-provoking concept in his new novel, “The Intimacy Equation”.

If history proves anything, it certainly confirms that many shocking, world changing breakthroughs happen almost by accident, when researchers uncover something completely unexpected. Imagine those researchers being the NSA and the breakthrough being a new kind of paradigm smashing group of heroes… who the NSA are simply interested in making into national security assets, ignoring their true value. This explosive plot line is the foundation of the always creative and imaginative Tim Marshall’s new book, “The Intimacy Equation”. Blending action, science, spirituality and much more Marshall’s many fans won’t be disappointed in the least. “The Intimacy Equation” is being publicized by The Moving Words and is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

“The NSA and intimacy are two things that seem diametrically opposed,” commented Marshall. “This seemed an intriguing mix to bring a new kind of hero into the mix these two forces would stir in each other. I think fans of science fiction and fantasy will enjoy ‘The Intimacy Equation’, as well as those with more of an esoteric bent. I look forward to seeing how it is received I poured my all into it.”

Marshall certainly has a set of experiences to draw from that are even beyond his title of “world class” author. He is an in demand natural life coach who focuses on helping students achieve greater success and an abundant, happy life. Some of the resources he turns to that help him achieve these goals is a formal education in psychology and anthropology, as well as training as a shaman, which has helped Marshall become a gifted healer. All of these elements, a natural ability as a story teller, and a love for writing picked up from journaling come together to make “The Intimacy Equation” a book that shouldn’t be missed.

The early reviews for “The Intimacy Equation” have been quite passionate.

Kelly S., from Washington, said in a five-star review, “I didn’t know quite what to expect from ‘The Intimacy Equation’. Tim Marshall took me by surprise with a plot that had me hooked right from the start. An exciting book that asks and answers some very timely, important questions, with characters that feel completely real. I can’t wait to see what Tim does next!”