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Invasions of Eden


Will Whetsell

Richard Kanaby is a sixty-four-year-old retired gentleman tending to his garden before an ambitious illness suddenly struck him. After attempting to sleep off his worries, hoping that his hallucinations, fever, and dyspnea will subside, he soon realizes that his condition is more than what meets the eye.

After being admitted to Brakefield Hospital, it’s clear that Kanaby’s condition is anything but routine. As a former chemical engineer who had worked with various pesticides, insecticides, and the like, his past of creating homemade concoctions for his plants may be the underlying link to his mysterious illness.

Unfortunately, the puzzle remains unsolved as a sudden seizure strikes Richard. Despite doctors providing immediate emergency care and a respirator to ensure he stays alive; he succumbs to the illness despite his health in tip-top shape.

Cassandra Garriman, M.D., is a brilliant, professional, and ambitious doctor from the Division of Infectious Diseases. After reviewing Richard’s treatment files, she is confident that Kanaby’s condition is atypical, especially when all his other vitals are normal. With limited time, she soon traces out the origin of the illness, which turns out to be an uninhabited island off the coast of South Carolina.

What is this mysterious illness, and how serious could it be? How can a seemingly healthy person succumb to hallucinations, seizures, and immediate death days after exposure? Could this illness spark a regional or national health threat, or is something more sinister at play?

Will Whetsell creates an evenly-paced yet exciting medical mystery. Laced with an intriguing plot, dynamic characters, and scientific elements—“Invasions of Eden” is a profound yet captivating narrative that a professional can create.

Considering that the author is a neurologist and neuropathologist, he effectively uses his medical knowledge as a crucial part of the story, all while still making its characters drive the plot forward. His talent for building suspense is masterful, making this book a definite page-turner for readers looking for a book they can’t put down. Considering that modern medicine has yet to find some solutions to specific illnesses, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that there are some diseases we have yet to know.

Unique, engaging, and gripping—“Invasions of Eden” is a masterful work combining scientific knowledge and the art of suspenseful storytelling.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024

Invasions of Eden is a medical mystery/thriller which combines historical fiction and facts with contemporary fiction and facts. That kind of information jampacked into a rollicking good story makes Whetsell a uniquely qualified storyteller. He is a genuine expert in what he is writing about, and because of that, he is able to create details which are inherently woven into the fabric and backbone of Invasions of Eden as a narrative.

– Cyrus Rhodes, The Magic Pen book reviews

Invasions of Eden is an effective blend of what, referentially speaking, feels like the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald or Dr. Robin Cook. Whetsell writes with a kind of unpretentious candor, not sacrificing evocative and heady word choice but maintaining a tonal claustrophobia that brings the reader immediately close to the central characters while it still feels big and panoramic. He stands apart from his literary peers because of the scope of the read. This kind of writing skill is not just admirable, it is commendable.

– Alexander of Alexander’s Reviews, Goodreads book reviews