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J. P. Piché

Author and filmmaker interested in ageless wisdom, interreligious dialogue and social justice, Jean-Pierre Piché was born in 1951, in Montreal (Canada). After having completed classical studies and a bachelor’s degree in communication and cinema, Jean-Pierre worked for more than 25 years in cinema and television. As an independent filmmaker, he produced and directed more than ten films including the critically acclaimed feature film Sadhana—Back to the Source (www.sadhanafilm.com). After having perfected his skills in writing screenplays, Jean-Pierre has recently decided to start writing novels. His first novel, Blood for Freedom: On a Mission among the Mayas, has a already received great reviews from The US Review of Books, OnlineBookClub and The Moving Words, and won The Most Moving Book Award 2022.

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Blood for Freedom: On a Mission among the Mayas


Deeply affected by the tragic death of his twin brother, Paul must find a new meaning to his life. After having been on a spiritual retreat, he engages as a humanitarian aid worker.

Sent into the Mayan parish of Concepcion, Guatemala, to help Father Callaghan complete his last mission, Paul quickly befriends the local Mayan teacher and the young Ladino woman in charge of the new medical clinic.

Fascinated by the pre-Columbian cultural and spiritual traditions still present among the modern Mayan Indians, Paul gains valuable insights into their unique way of understanding the world and experiencing the human condition.

But as political tensions grow, threatening the fragile balance between the indigenous population and the ruling military junta, he wonders how far he is willing to go to help his new friends while a new civil war is looming in Central America?—

BLOOD FOR FREEDOM was awarded the Most Moving Book Award 2022 and critically acclaimed as “An Astounding Piece of Historical Fiction” (The Moving Words) taking us to the heart of the human adventure—from innocence to experience, kindness to cruelty, love to hate, humor to tragedy. “Very Enlightening… I would recommend it to fans of novels combining humanitarian aid and military action.” (OnlineBookClub)

“Piché brilliantly describes the way of life and mentality of the native population…Showing a Mastery of Storytelling, this novel also bears witness to a tragedy of life too often ignored.” (Kat Kennedy – US Review of Books)

“From the first page to the last, the author shows consideration, compassion, clarity and very strong emotions for humanity. Finally, I loved the exciting and dramatic surprise ending of the book.” (Team Golfwell Review)

“Discover a Masterpiece of Humanity: “Blood for Freedom” Awaits You!”(Scott Remi – Writers Arcadia)