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Joseth Moore: Sci-Fi Author and Paranormal Investigator

Joseth Moore published two collections in book-form: MULTI-STORIED TALES: NOVELLAS & SHORT STORIES, and OMNIBUS: PARANORMAL eSTORIES. He also wrote novels such as VESTIGE and the SKIES of cMaj, VESTIGE, VISITORS’ ARRIVAL: BOOK 3 OF THE LUNAR SERIES, ASTEROPIA: BOOK 2 OF THE LUNAR SERIES, LUNAR LEGENDS (1st book of the Lunar Series), and THE SOLAR BRIDGE.

Moore has published 67 eBooks (Inkitt), the most he’s known for is his most-downloaded ebook, THE TIME CATALYST. THE LANDLORD, DEAD SILENT, CURSE THY NEIGHBOR, COUSIN JOSH, THE GENTLE CONSPIRACY are also among his more popular short stories.

Moore began his first official paranormal investigation in January of 2018, when he and a co-worker had heard an unexpected CLANK in the back of the kitchen of a catering business he worked at on one of those days. From that day on, Moore has been conducting paranormal investigations and annotated entries that all together he calls the Para-Events Blogs.

Moore’s writing style is both elegant and accessible, weaving complex narratives with a clarity that invites readers from all backgrounds. His characters are meticulously developed, with each story peeling back layers to reveal the depth of their personalities, struggles, and triumphs. The collection’s thematic diversity, from the socio-political to the supernatural, showcases Moore’s versatility as a writer.

Multi-Storied Tales: Novellas and Short Stories” is a compelling collection that stands as a significant contribution to the fields of science fiction and paranormal literature. It is a must-read for fans of speculative fiction and for those who seek to explore the depths of human resilience, imagination, and the unknown through the lens of an adept storyteller. Moore’s collection is a beacon of creativity, reminding us of the power of stories to challenge, entertain, and inspire.

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