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Justifiable Deception by Kelly Lewis


Trust is a powerful yet dangerous thing to bestow upon someone. We can never really tell whether or not the person who received our trust will safeguard or shatter it. It’s something we would all think twice about giving immediately, for it is as frail as a baby. In Justifiable Deception, William Gable, among the purest and exceptional certified public accountants, gets himself in a situation where his faith in the people around him and his critical thinking ability is greatly challenged.

His all-beautiful simple life turns upside down after his fateful encounter with an FBI. Where can his decisions lead him? Can he seek the whole truth before it ruins him, or does he seek another one of the justifiable deceptions? Justifiable Deception by Kelly Lewis is a thrilling book filled with unforeseeable twists and turns.  It’s divided into four parts that will surely leave the readers stunned, dazed, but excited.

Kelly made sure that the plot is easy to follow given the number of parts it contained. The story also gives off a tingling sensation as we read further into it, making us think of every possible event that could happen or could be the root of what happened. She successfully subverts our assumptions and places unexpected impediments along the characters’ journey. Another good point that I loved about the book is the balance between scenery and dialogue, which is beautifully blended, allowing us to jump in and visualize the plot right at the moment; readers will have the impression that the characters are residing in a rich, in-depth world. The vocabulary is not complicated, making it easier for us to comprehend every detail.

This book could be the next thing on the big screens! It’s that one edge-of-your-seat masterpiece making you want more. Get yourself ready for one of the best reads of your life!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022

About the Author

Kelly’s earlier writing experience included a weekly newspaper column, online articles, and eBooks in the areas of entrepreneurship, accounting, and taxation. My Background. I am an accountant living in Webster, NY, with my husband of over 30 years. We have two children and two grandchildren.

Currently, I am enjoying my second career as an author. After several years as a technical business writer, I published my first book titled Just One Soldier in 2015. From there I was hooked! My second book Guarding Luke? was published in 2017. As an author, it’s pretty simple – I hope to write books as a storyteller that people enjoy reading. My mantra is -Write on!

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