Author Spotlight

Linda McClung

Linda McClung spent fifty years as a nurse and retired to lakeside living in South Carolina. She enjoys reading, gardening, and making jewelry.

Mrs. McClung has three grown children and eight grandchildren who often show up in her books as thinly veiled characters.

Her published books: The Healer, and Seven Minutes.


Seven Minutes

Mick Carter is a rising star in the contemporary music world. He loves the crowds, the singing, and the praises he leads in the concerts. A man of God who has spent his life inspiring others is jolted by events that send him to prison for fifteen years for a crime he did not commit. His faith in God is challenged by the men he meets in prison, but they are all he has, and he learns how thirsty they are for meaning and purpose for their lives. He discovers God’s plan for him among the lost, angry, and afraid souls in the prison as he begins to share his faith. Like Joseph in Genesis, Carter finds God’s purpose for him is greater than anything he could have planned.

While the tale has a very clear message about the Christian faith, it does not limit itself to that (even though it would have been more than enough). The story actually develops in a very similar entrancing rhythm as that of investigative police dramas and offers us a very satisfying and credible conclusion… A must-read if you are looking for a cohesive story that offers a deeply valuable lesson to people of all ages. – The Moving Words Review

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From My Perspective

These written chapters describe some of the ‘snippets’ of my life; from 1942 through 2020. There are more stories not included here, and more to be written. I write because it brings me great joy to record the memories and events of my life, and of those I love.

I challenge you to grab hold of something that brings YOU joy and, if you wish, share that joy with your family and friends.

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