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Lite Leadership: Theory and Practice by Bennett Annan, PsyD EdD

A manual for a better world led by LeaderLites.

The multipotentialite, Dr. Bennett Annan provides a thorough collection of resources, techniques, and methods to become a LeaderLite — a holistic leader as he defines it. He explains that a LeaderLite attends to all components that make up a human being; body, mind, and soul with additional two more components, thus, the birth of the PEPSE System that forms the quintet of Lite Leadership.

PEPSE System stands for personal leadership, emotional stability, physical health, spiritual resilience, and environmental culture. Annan carefully dissects each quintet and provides thirty-eight moonic elements in all the PEPSE system.

The best thing about the book does not only do Annan explicate the definition of each moonic elements, but he also added some realistic applications and techniques on what a LeaderLite would do when faced with a similar situation.

In this masterpiece, Annan aims to educate the world on how we can be better leaders, capable to deal with complex intellectual and technical issues on one hand, while also being sensitive to differences and needs on the other. In his take on globalization, Annan notes; “In the wake of globalization, it is not that the globalization philosophy should be Americanized, but rather that the American leadership philosophy must be globalized for multinational corporations and organizations in the global world to be successful.” With this, Annan made good use of his intellect and diverse experience to teach his readers behavioral styles and approaches to be a better leader — one who no longer settles for anything less than the best for humankind.

The book is well-organized. Starting from defining leadership and management, backed up with tables and charts that parse the information into bite-size pieces and ends with an application of every pointer that was mentioned. Every chapter of the book opens with an epigraph that illustrates a theme about leadership. The references are incredibly thorough and relevant authors were cited as well. This book is ideal for everyone especially our young, aspiring leaders and politicians who seek to improve their leadership quality for the betterment of the world.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023


About the Author

Dr. Bennett Annan is an executive and business development consultant, researcher, and author residing in California. He takes pride in training business development skills, including executive coaching and organizational leadership.

Dr. Annan holds a doctorate degree, Ed.D., in Organizational Leadership, a Bachelor of Science, B.S. degree and a Master of Science, M.S. degree both in Mechanical Engineering, a Further Education Teachers’ Certificate, F.E.T.C., a Master of Business Administration degree, MBA, a Master of Arts degree, M.A., in Clinical Psychology, and a doctorate degree, PsyD, in organizational psychology.

He has an affable nature and ability to appeal personally to everyone across all racial and ethnic lines. He believes his purpose on earth is to use his tremendous knowledge and rich, diverse experience to make a great impact on the lives of the people he encounters.