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Making a Killing

by Claire S. Cabot

Claire S. Cabot delivers another thrilling continuation to her Adelaide Stubbs Mystery series. In “Making a Killing,” we start with the sudden death of Anthony Evans, world-renown CEO of a large mining company.

Like many CEOs, Anthony Evans has made enemies along his journey to the top. With the news of his death making waves worldwide, the media and the authorities target their primary suspect—John Hartley, also known as the company’s chief financial officer.

With John’s reputation slowly ripped to shreds by the unfair coverage, Priscilla Hartley, John’s devoted wife, refuses to stand by and let things slide. After contacting Adelaide Stubbs for her expertise in handwriting analysis, we delve into the culprit’s mind behind the act as we navigate the corrupt world of the elite.

With colorful characters, incredible pacing, and coded messages— “Making a Killing” has all the ingredients of what makes a fantastic series.

While Adelaide is undoubtedly the star of her series with her cheeky sense of humor and intellect, I have also immensely enjoyed the other characters being portrayed.

Each character played a crucial role in unweaving the intricate conspiracy in their midst, which could easily be overwhelming. Still, the author does it effortlessly with style. As an added bonus, the author’s vivid description of the story’s settings shows her penchant for setting the scene as vividly as possible—a talent only a true writer could pull.

Fans of the Adelaide Stubbs Mystery Series would greatly appreciate this addition, especially since a few characters from her previous work made another appearance in this book. New readers won’t miss out on the author’s incredible talent if they read this part as their first book of the series. Nevertheless, if you want a full-on experience, I do recommend reading the author’s other works in the series. You surely won’t be disappointed.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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