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Mari D. Martin

Mari D. Martin is the president of Performance Strategies Group Inc., a consulting and coaching organization.

She is the first recipient of the Kolbe Professional Award and the first recipient of the Mari Martin Award, given to a community member for their help to reduce domestic and sexual violence. Martin is a child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and daughter.

She is an avid reader, runner, golf enthusiast, and football fan. She lives in Holland, Michigan.

Come Home Alive: The Power of Knowing How to Work Together to Make It Through the Crisis of Cancer is her first published book.
For twenty years, God has been leading, guiding, and preparing author Mari D. Martin to walk alongside her husband, Chris, through a throat cancer diagnosis, the treatment of that cancer, the recovery from the side effects of the treatments, and then through rehabilitation to return to what will be his new normal.


Mari D. Martin

In Come Home Alive, Mari shares the oftentimes tender story of their six-part plan to come home alive. She narrates how the couple used their twenty-four years as Kolbe Certified consultants to practice what they taught, consulted, and coached others regarding self-awareness, strengths identification, communication needs, role alignment, and the environment each person needs to thrive. For Chris to thrive again, he needed to heal; and for him to heal, he needed to be in an environment that allowed him to thrive.

Come Home Alive tells how Mari’s role as caregiver was to stay true to herself, while also being the hands and feet to recognize, minimize, and complete the tasks and requirements Chris naturally resisted. Their plan, rooted in faith, and hope, started with daily time together in prayer and belief in the healing power of God. It ended with a practice of thankfulness and expecting a miracle. What they did together in the middle is one you can do, too—through greater awareness of each other’s strengths, how to work together, and be a team with the knowledge and wisdom to come home alive.

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The Moving Words Review:

Traditional wisdom dictates that to fight against cancer is to fight a losing battle. One can only prepare for the unavoidable sight of decimated bodies littering the field. The book, Come Home Alive: The Power of Knowing how to Work Together to Make It Through the Crisis of Cancer by Mari D. Martin proposes a different outcome-a win for the good guys. To show that this scenario is even possible, the author takes the readers along on a very personal journey, her husband’s painful battle with Stage 4 throat cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

What strikes the reader from the get-go is how organized the book is. There are no misplaced chapters or quotations. Everything is so well-written that the conversations smoothly flow along. The way the author handled herself and her husband’s coming ordeal reflects this organized approach. She did not take any chances but instead listened to and relied on the wisdom of physicians that she had already judged capable of handling Chris’s condition. Notwithstanding the presence of an excellent medical team around her for support, she still had to navigate the rigors of Chris’s debilitating chemoradiation treatments, the difficulties of having a feeding tube inserted into Chris’s stomach, and the ups and downs of her husband’s health condition.

What should touch the reader to the core is the author’s manifest spirituality. Despite the deep well of hopelessness that surrounded her and sometimes left her crying alone by herself, she truly believed that God had a plan cut out for her and Chris. She was also fortunate to have the support of faithful friends and neighbors and the indispensable presence of their children. Her alone time and inner-self reflections while doing exercises running around the neighborhood aided in keeping her glued to the straight and narrow path.

The book is a testament to how much a person can endure amid trials and difficulties. It illustrates the importance of faith, hope, and love, and the value of community. All in all, an inspiring read that will leave readers red-eyed from crying.

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