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TMW Book Reviews

MARRIAGE CARDIOLOGY 101: Knowing The Symptoms
Of Marriage Heart Trouble

by Minister Jeff Mathews

Marriage in God is an ongoing trial, with daily challenges that test both the physical and marital hearts.

This concept is the premise of the book Marriage Cardiology 101 by Minister Jeff Mathews. He uses his own experience with his wife’s heart condition as a basis to explain that a couple’s heart can also suffer from disorders that are often ignored.

For more than 35 years, the minister has seen that the temptations and infections brought by the Devil are many and that it takes faith and focus on what God asks and guides us to win against the onslaughts that seek to destabilize what God has united.

What makes Marriage Cardiology 101 a good book for couples is this sum of advice and guidance that the minister presents in a skilled way, almost like a manual for a happy and stable marriage, even in the face of turbulent circumstances.

Several points are commented on, such as:

– The need for openness and dialogue between the couple;

– The detection of signs that the partner may be harboring some confused feelings;

– The importance of immaterial support for each other to raise their self-esteem and show their worth in your eyes and in God’s eyes;

– The maintenance of a young and light spirit in the face of adversity;

– How financial issues can often be a factor of competitiveness or devaluation of one’s spouse.

To sum it up, the central teaching in Marriage Cardiology 101 is that marriage has many challenges. Considering you are willing to follow what the Bible presents in several verses (offered and commented on by the minister), your chances of living fully with the person you chose to be your life companion are guaranteed. A book for couples, young people, and couples who are in a difficult phase and need counseling.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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