Author Spotlight

Maureen E. Hosier

Psychologist Maureen together with her sister, Berta, has received multiple awards with this book such as:

– Writer’s Digest Self-Published Awards
– First Place Best Non-Fiction – 2017 Maxy Awards
– Won Silver 2017 – Nonfiction Book Authors Award
– Winner Bronze Award Relationships – 2017 Living Now Awards Entry
– Honorable Mention – Paris Book Festival 2017
– San Francisco Chronicle Book Awards – Review 4 out 5 Starts
– 2017 Red City Review Book Awards


You'll Do Anything for Him


In this breakout self-help book from Psychologist, Maureen Hosier and her sister, Berta Hosier Conger, the language of relationships is redefined as you read about your “self”. Traditional labels are set aside in favor of understanding what you’re truly thinking and feeling, why you’re the person who gives up your “self” to make the relationship work, and why this style of relating isn’t working for you.

A new perspective on relationships emerges as you learn about your “self” and why you’re driven to do anything to please your partner. You will learn you have fallen in love with someone who you unconsciously “know” will focus on their own needs and feelings, to the exclusion of yours. You will also learn why you have fallen in love with “hope” that your relationship will work.

You’ll learn to come back to your “genuine self”, who comfortably includes your own needs, feelings, thoughts and preferences in your relationships. And, you’ll find out what happens for him.