Melba K. Wiggins

Meet Melba K. Wiggins, inspirational speaker and author of this life-changing book, Creating An Atmosphere For The Promises Of God.

A dedicated teacher of the Word of God with the gift of teaching, bringing about adequate understanding of the truth revealed in the Word. A leader to many that seeks only communicating what has been learned to others. A faithful wife of 23 years and a mother of 4 children and one grandson. A proud Girl Scout Leader with the agenda to leading many to Christ.

Only God has the power to bring about changes in your life. The power of change is already within you, because He lives on the inside of you. But you want to change yourself and not allow Him to do His job. What is normal to a believer is always going to be abnormal to the world. Learn how to increase your ability to create the atmosphere for the promises of God in your life and the lives of those whom you love and come in daily contact with. As a Christian, you have the responsibility of establishing the atmosphere stronger than anybody else that has no relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. What makes you different from everybody else is that you have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you. Who gives you the power to create a stronger atmosphere? You already have what it takes to affect the atmosphere. In order to take back what the devil has taken away from you. You are to start first by taking back your atmosphere for the promises of God.

Creating an Atmosphere for the Promises of God, by Melba K. Wiggins, is a book for all of us who need to find guidance in our identity as Christians. It teaches us how we can create a Godly atmosphere through our words and faith and through the author’s own experience and examples which are always based on what the Word of God says. It is by no means an easy task, so the author explains what we can do to allow ourselves to project that atmosphere from ourselves and onto others.

This book is an invitation to reflect on our existence and on God’s promises on how to face the struggles of seemingly meaningless everyday actions, negative words, and thoughts.

The book has many positive aspects, but I’d like to focus on a few points. For example, I love how the author doesn’t target her messages to any specific Christian group, but any Christian individual. That, by itself, shows the knowledge she has in creating an atmosphere of Godly resonance. Another good point is that the book offers questions at the end of every chapter, helping us to summarize and better absorb the concepts and messages. The use of the author’s examples helps us to see ideas in practical terms, which is admirable.

All in all, Creating an Atmosphere for the Promises of God is a reliable guidebook and highly recommended for spiritual enlightenment.

– The Moving Words Review

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