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Michele Wallace Campanelli

National Best-selling Author

Michele Wallace Campanelli is an American writer, singer, and celebrity. During the early 1990s, she started writing short stories and fiction novels professionally. She has had nine stories appearing on the best-sellers list, including two that reached #1 on the New York Times. Her short stories have been included in over 30 international selling anthologies. She has also penned numerous novels, magazine and newspaper articles in both fiction and non-fiction published by Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books, Fireside Books, Fictionwise, Whiskey Creek Press, Wee Creek Press, Florida Today Newspaper, Woman’s World Magazine, Adamsmedia, McGraw-Hill, Multnomah Books, Red Rock Press, HCI and America House Publishing. Over 57 million people have read her written works internationally. When Michele isn’t writing, she is CEO of Regal Entertainment Services LLC and Social Media Director of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

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A Haunted Symphony

2nd Edition


Our story begins with Maria, a passionate and dedicated orchestra volunteer, who starts a new role filled with unexpected twists and turns. The symphony, a place of harmony and artistry, soon becomes the background for occurrences that hint at a supernatural presence. The other members and volunteers, each with unique personalities and stories, find themselves involved in secrets and past connections that slowly unravel as the story progresses.
Maria and her colleagues discover that their beloved symphony hall is haunted by more than just the echoes of music past. Strange sounds, unexplained events, and ghostly apparitions begin to stir, bringing to light old legends and tales long thought to be mere folklore. Amidst this, the characters deal with their personal challenges and relationships, adding breadth to the story.
What are the hidden secrets of the symphony’s past, and how are they connected to the mysterious occurrences within its walls? This was the start of a book that promises to keep one fascinated until the very end.
Set against the backdrop of an orchestra, the story peeks into the lives of its characters, including their relationships, secrets, and past events. Michele Wallace Campanelli truly shines in her storytelling in A Haunted Symphony. She created a vivid and attention-grabbing world. For example, the descriptions of the symphony, its music, and the characters’ interactions with their tools and environment are so detailed that readers can almost hear the music and feel the emotions (e.g., Donnie losing a limb).
Campanelli’s characters are well-developed—each with their individual backstory and motivations. How she intertwines their lives and reveals their connections and secrets as the story advances is satisfying. As the pages flip, readers can appreciate the seamless integration of supernatural elements into the tale—the ghostly aspects are handled with a deft touch, ensuring that they enhance rather than overpower the plot.
Overall, A Haunted Symphony is well-paced, balancing moments of tension and mystery. Building suspense is one of its strongest suits, keeping readers guessing and on the edge of their seats. The twists and turns of the story are well-executed, with surprising yet believable revelations. It’s a novel that will appeal to fans of mystery and the supernatural, as well as those who appreciate well-crafted, character-driven stories.

– The Moving Words Review

Margarita: The Case of The Numbers Kidnapper

2nd Edition


Penny Margarita, a determined teenage girl, harbors dreams of following in her older brother David’s footsteps and pursuing a football career. Growing up in his shadow, along with her twin brother Dante, she idolizes David and his athletic prowess. Penny’s ultimate goal is to secure the quarterback position on her high school team, and with the guidance she received from David years ago, her dreams are within reach.

Penny has great support in her corner; Dante’s friend Louis recognizes her abilities and potential, and her dad sees the light of fire in her eyes and offers to bankroll her training. While Penny is fortunate to have these allies, not everyone shares her enthusiasm for football. Dante and some of his friends and teammates often tease her about her aspirations. Added to the local animosity, a serial kidnapper has targeted her to grace his capture list.

Penny’s tenacity isn’t limited to the field. While her stellar football season is heading towards championships and college offers, she and Louis take it upon themselves to track down the kidnapper before he can harm her. Collaborating with law enforcement and occasionally working outside their circle, Penny and Louis zero in on local mysteries and unknowns that make for a riveting tale. Gridirons, delis, and swamps capture the imagery of Indialantic and help immerse the reader into a distinctly Florida experience.

The story unfolds swiftly and captivates the reader with its likable characters. Penny, the protagonist, is a well-rounded character who exhibits intelligence and emotion, making her relatable and easy to connect with. Given the brevity of the story, glimpses of the secondary characters add descriptive depth to their personalities. Louis’ strained relationship with his absent father and Dante’s regrets concerning David contribute to the complexity of these characters. Even Kerry’s hip issue adds a surprising touch of humanity to a character who might otherwise be seen as unstable.

Overall, this book is an enjoyable tale with characters worth rooting for.

– The Moving Words Review

Keeper of the Shroud



Keeper of the Shroud, penned by Michele Wallace Campanelli, is a historical fiction novel of intrigue, love, and spiritual awakening. In a medieval kingdom, the book begins with the introduction of Princess Bella, a young woman scarred both physically and emotionally from past events. Bella finds herself amid a political landscape involving the ruling family of Valtearea. The story unfolds as she begins a new life, bound by a marriage of convenience to Prince Louis, a fierce warrior known as the ‘Beheader.’

The first part introduces the key characters, including Louis’s brother, Delaney, and their sister, Sharera, whose intricacies intertwine with Bella’s. The plot thickens when a sacred relic, a burial cloth believed to have healing powers and ties to Jesus Christ, becomes central to the story. The presence of this shroud sets off a chain of events that challenge the characters’ beliefs, loyalties, and the very essence of their existence. This shift mirrors the realization that one’s past actions do not have to define the future. And that it’s never too late to seek redemption and alter one’s path, a concept particularly relevant in a world where people often struggle with the consequences of their past actions.

Michele Wallace Campanelli is exceptional at blending historical elements with fiction, making the complex period details easy for a wide audience to understand. Her descriptions of the medieval setting, costumes, and customs transport readers back in time—striking a fine balance between historical accuracy and creative liberty. Additionally, the novel balances descriptive language with action-driven sequences and maintains a gripping pace that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

The characters also evolve well throughout the story. Princess Bella, for instance, converts from a victim of her circumstances into a strong, independent figure, exhibiting both vulnerability and resilience. Similarly, Prince Louis is portrayed not just as a formidable warrior but as a character with depth and internal conflicts.

The thematic exploration is another highlight. It’s about faith, redemption, and the power of love. The introduction of the shroud catalyzes these subjects, challenging the characters’ long-held beliefs and leading them on a path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

The novel is a journey through a tumultuous period, seen through the eyes of characters who are as complex as they are fascinating. Keeper of the Shroud is a refreshing take on a familiar genre – a valuable read for anyone seeking both escape and enlightenment.

– The Moving Words Review


2nd Edition


“Jamison: The Case of the Numbers Kidnapper” by Michele Wallace Campanelli is an engaging and encouraging coming-of-age story that takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the life of Debra Jamison, a resilient young girl with a dream of becoming a baseball player. Set in a small town, it starts with a glimpse into Debra’s challenging childhood. Raised in a family burdened by divorce and strained relationships, she grapples with feelings of loneliness and uncertainty. However, her unwavering determination and deep-seated vision set her apart from the beginning. As the story unfolds, readers are introduced to the mysterious kidnapping incident that shatters Debra’s world. Will Debra achieve her dream of becoming a Panther baseball player? What is the true identity of the kidnappers, and what drives their actions?

The book has several aspects that make it an enjoyable read. First, Campanelli’s storytelling makes you really immerse yourself in the lives of the characters. The story pulls you in, and you find yourself eagerly flipping the pages to discover what happens next. Next, the characters in “Jamison” are well-defined. Debra Jamison is a character who faces adversity with resilience. The supporting characters, including Vince, her mother, and her newfound father, Dan Brennon, are carefully crafted and play a vital role. At its core, “Jamison” explores the themes of solidity and the power of friendship. Debra’s journey from a troubled family life to pursuing her dreams of becoming a baseball player shows the strength of the human spirit. Her bond with Vince is the book’s emotional anchor—their unwavering camaraderie is heartwarming. Lastly, the novel has elements of mystery throughout. The initial kidnapping incident raises questions and makes you wonder about the motives and the ultimate resolution, adding a layer of suspense to the plot.

This makes “Jamison: The Case of the Numbers Kidnapper by Campanelli a book that beautifully discovers the resilience of the human spirit, the power of friendship, and the pursuit of dreams. It also leaves a lasting impact, reminding us that, no matter the challenges we face, with determination and support, we can overcome obstacles and achieve our dreams.

– The Moving Words Review