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Michele Wallace Campanelli

Michele Wallace Campanelli is an American writer, singer, and celebrity. During the early 1990s, she started writing short stories and fiction novels professionally. She has had nine stories appearing on the best-sellers list, including two that reached #1 on the New York Times. Her short stories have been included in over 30 international selling anthologies. She has also penned numerous novels, magazine and newspaper articles in both fiction and non-fiction published by Simon & Schuster, Chronicle Books, Fireside Books, Fictionwise, Whiskey Creek Press, Wee Creek Press, Florida Today Newspaper, Woman’s World Magazine, Adamsmedia, McGraw-Hill, Multnomah Books, Red Rock Press, HCI and America House Publishing. Over 57 million people have read her written works internationally. When Michele isn’t writing, she is CEO of Regal Entertainment Services LLC and Social Media Director of the Space Coast Symphony Orchestra.

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Rex and Friends

Rex was warned to stay away from humans, but that is a pretty big problem! The human’s music means the world to Rex. He loves to listen to the cavemen play their instruments every day from up on the hill. One afternoon, Rex creeps out of the forest to learn how to play an instrument with the humans. Will the fearful humans reject him, or will dinosaurs and humans alike learn that even the most unlikely of friends can find harmony together?

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Land of The Gnomes

Once upon a time, there lived a small group of gnomes in the land next to Mr. Maelzel’s home. When a tiny golden trumpet sounds the arrival of a new baby, the gnomes all gather to celebrate and see their newest member. But the new parents are worried about their son, Metra. He’s a little different and may not be able to work in the gardens like all the other gnomes. But when Metra starts showing an almost magical ability of keeping rhythm, Mr. Maelzel overhears, and Metra may have just found his true calling.

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Musicians Are Superheroes

Two superhero siblings are born into music royalty, but only one was destined to inherit the throne and title of Conductor. While one boy studies and practices, honing his skills, the other opts to create trouble at every opportunity. When the time comes to select the Conductor, the choice was simple. Now in a jealous rage, the troublesome brother becomes Anti-Music, a powerful telepathic being on a mission to destroy music…expect for his curious affinity for polka. Can our hero the Conductor defeat his brother and return music to its rightful place, or will Anti-Music end all music as we know it?

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Taker Of The Shroud

Bleeding severely from battle, Prince Louis returns to Valtearea Castle to warn his kingdom that King Lightenwood’s army is coming to steal the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. However, it wasn’t only the blood-stained cloth that wicked King Lightenwood sought to take but also the beautiful Princess Bella. Now pitted against this brave young Prince, King Lightenwood did not expect the battle nor the intrigue from a valiant Prince willing to risk everything to rescue his wife and to become the new Keeper of the Shroud.

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The Artist

After her husband is drafted into the Air Force, Barbara meets Mr. Reaves, the town’s reclusive millionaire who is rumored to have loved and murdered local debutant Bernadette. Mr. Reaves commissions Barbara to paint Bernadette’s portrait in order to find closure. Barbara takes the commission but decides to assist the local sheriff in the investigation while creating a most memorable oil painting. Behind all great love is incredible pain. Theirs, Barbara discovers, was a masterpiece of dangerous secrets, complicated intrigue, and an ultimate betrayal.

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Black Widow

Romeo Maroni, incensed that an ancient Egyptian belt disappeared from his museum, vows to capture the beautiful thief, Blackie Widow, a woman rumored by the FBI to be as dangerous as she is seductive. Teaming up with private investigator Martin, Romeo discovers millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds she has stolen, fashioned into a giant spider web. Uncovering her lair, he becomes prey for the gorgeous and poisonous Blackie Widow. Join in the hunt for stolen treasure and get entangled in Romeo’s unrelenting desire to find his true love caught in a web of trouble.

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The Janet Network

Doctor Jay Newport, a renowned psychiatrist, does what’s needed to protect women against domestic violence. When Catherine walked through his door requesting advice for dealing with her abusive boyfriend, the doctor knew the Janet Network could protect her… by any means necessary. Immediately, he called in private investigator Will Cilva to keep a close eye on her. Will’s investigation team soon discovered that Lucky was suspected by police of transporting drugs from Key West. What happened next, even a gifted psychiatrist couldn’t have predicted. Caught in wild-storm crossfire during a Florida DEA drug raid, Doctor Newport & Will Cilva dodge more than bullets. If being caught at the center of a drug war weren’t scary enough, Dr. Jay Newport suddenly became aware that his friend, Will Cilva, was falling in love with his very seductive patient.

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The Great American

Jennifer outran the scattering debris of the disintegrating Twin Tower. As the smoke belched out of lower Manhattan, her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t help fearing the worst. As if a nuclear bomb had exploded, the entire city was being blanketed with white dust. The second building completely disappeared. Jennifer desperately needed to know if her husband made it out alive. In search for the truth, Jennifer learns what makes each American great is our willingness to help one another and our undying belief that love lasts forever.

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Abandoned and alone in the forest, a little yellow Labrador puppy makes a new enemy in Cottonball the cat. Cottonball insists on singing every day out of the windowsill of her tuba-playing owner. One day, in order to stop the annoying singing, the little puppy steals a baton from the Conductor, in the middle of a practice session! But will this stop Cottonball from singing? And when the puppy realizes the special meaning the baton had to the Conductor, he will have to make a decision to return the baton to its rightful owner… and maybe even find a new, loving family in the process.

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Birds of a Feather

Officer Laura Camp once loved the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock—that was before she lived out the horrific reality. Vultures suddenly began attacking everyone at the Juvenile Detention Center where she worked. However, the vultures aren’t even her worst problem: the Crown gang tries to break out one of the their own, a prisoner named Mack. After breaking out from the JDC, to everyone’s surprise, Mack returns to help Officer Camp fight the vulture threat. But will he turn away from a gangster’s life to become the honorable man Officer Camp knows he can be? Birds of a Feather is a thriller that shows that even the darkest individuals can be both human and winged beast.

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Music at the Watering Hole

King of Africa, Kojo the Lion, was surprised when a box fell off a tourist bus and dropped a symphony of musical instruments near his watering hole. With a great love for music, especially Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, Kojo decided to bring all of the wild animals of the Savannah together whether they were predator or prey! Could these natural enemies learn to get along to become an orchestra? And just what would they play?

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