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Microbiologist Combines Art and Science in Riveting Poetry Book

Author Minerva A. Garcia MS MLS MT (ASCP) is a microbiologist by profession but has been penning poetry since she was in high school. As a passionate poet, she pours her heart and soul into her work as she brings you a unique and creative view of the world.

Her book, “The Journey of a Rainbow…: My Poetic Journal Mind Views,” is a collection of poems that discuss a myriad of topics. From the vastness of the concept of uniqueness to a microbe, she picks her words carefully, like any scientist ruled by logic and reason.

Nevertheless, she is in touch with her emotions. Her creativity in this collection effortlessly shines through, proving that science and art are not opposites but compatible fields of interest.

Some of the poems included in the collection are “Love Is…,” “In the Microbiology Lab,” and “The Love of a Flower.” Much like a rainbow, the author touches on several emotions across the spectrum, making this collection a work of love we can all appreciate.

Aside from being a microbiologist and published author, Minerva A. Garcia is also an NYC marathoner, published Scientist, and Guest Speaker at several major scientific conventions.

When talking about her passion for poetry, she writes on her website:

“I’ve been writing poetry since I was about eight years old. I was encouraged by age five to exercise verbally my poetic talents, which my private teacher discovered. I didn’t know then, as it became a life’s passion for poetry.”—Minerva A. Garcia on her website

Additionally, the Moving Words website has also written a review of her work:

“Her distinct writing style and rhythmic cues add soul and brevity to her words, making them stand out despite many poems featuring these themes.

Another exciting feature of this book is its overall presentation of several themes. As you read through the author’s work, you can clearly imagine and feel the writer’s experiences.

From the tragedy of the September 11 attacks to her interpretation of famous poems, the author offers readers a different way for readers of all ages to enjoy poems they see fit.

As a microbiologist, the author also does a fascinating job of injecting art into her work. Many may dismiss science as logical, rational, and free from emotion, but the author demonstrates that there is art and beauty in studying the microscopic lifeform. In a way, her work bridges science and art into one and makes it enjoyable for all.” — The Moving Words Review

You can visit the author’s official website at minervaagarcia.com. You can also contact her directly through this website for future updates on her work.


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