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Mind Magic: Building a Foundation for Emotional Well-Being


Janice McDermott, M.Ed., MSW

Undoubtedly, mental health is the foundation of a person’s success in life and society.

Author Janice McDermott, M.Ed., MSW, emphasizes this message all too well in her book, “Mind Magic: Building a Foundation for Emotional Well-Being.” However, to establish stable emotional health, we must first tap into the person’s imagination, a never-ending resource of creativity.

Mind Magic utilizes guided imagery to provide direction to the imagination. Participants can find solutions creatively and develop inner strength by engaging the senses and adding elements to sessions like verbal instructions and music.

As part of the Grand Ideas from Within (GIFW), Mind Magic is a guideline on how teachers, counselors, and anyone who wishes to add mindfulness to their treatment plan can use these techniques to their fullest. Based on successful programs in select Louisiana schools, Mind Magic is an excellent guide in engaging one’s imagination and creative side while also benefitting holistically.

The guide is brief, with precise and clear instructions that require readily-accessible materials. If you are worried that implementing a program may be too “costly,” this guide ensures that anyone can benefit from its exercises with little problem. Many activities in the book are also applicable to participants of all ages, where the author even added tips on getting schoolchildren to engage in guided imagery activities in a fun and productive manner.

Another excellent aspect of the book is how anyone can start including this activity in their program. Whether you’re a teacher, a human resource manager, or a speaker planning for a seminar, guided imagery activities can help people connect effectively and engage with themselves and the people around them. Close friends and acquaintances may find these activities engaging and fun in their homes.

Parents can significantly benefit from this guide by teaching their children to develop emotional resilience through guided imagery, thus ensuring they stay optimistic as they grow older. As for whether such activities may apply to young children, many of the activities in the book have been tried and tested on students, so you don’t have to worry if such activities are too “advanced” for your little ones. You can even make it a fun activity if you so desire! Remember, your imagination has no limitations.

In a nutshell, “Mind Magic: Building a Foundation for Emotional Well-Being” is a fantastic guide for anyone who wishes to connect to their imagination to solve problems. When we learn to resolve our issues creatively, we become better and more well-rounded individuals. If you want to make practical solutions, engage in your imagination first.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024