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Minerva A. Garcia

I’ve been writing poetry since I was about eight years old. I was encouraged by age five to exercise verbally my poetic talents, which my private teacher discovered. I didn’t know than, as it became a life’s passion for poetry. In JHS and HS both of my teachers gave written assignments and I excelled beyond their compression and immediately recognized discovering this talent, which I was never told. As time progressed, my passion grew stronger and my expressive state endured on. I’ve my husband to thank for discovering and revealing this talent to me. He was the person the awoke this art found in me and it was through his discovery that I am able to write today and I treasure him for this. My poetry really exploded in creativity when brother passed on when I was a freshman in College and than when meet my husband.

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The Journey of A Rainbow and The Poetic Journals were titles I had in my subconscious mind for over since I was in HS. I would have never imagined this could be a reality. I am a Microbiologist by profession but my passion is poetry, is where I am most comfortable and at ease in this realm. This collection of poems I hope can reach people’s imaginations as I’ve reached mine. My goals are to be able to bring to you to a world that is nice and unique for the view. I am concern with the many aspects of life, the world we live in, our environment as how it impacts our present, future and our enduring offspring’s’. I want to see the world like a beautiful flower, protecting it, loving it and always watering it as I am admiring it.

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The Moving Words Review

“Love is the calmest of all the seas that sees,

It’s a dove from above,” page 20, “Love is…”

Poetry is one of the most enticing and respected forms of literature. When done well, it can last through the ages and touch us in a way that no other art form can.

Author Minerva A. Garcia pens an impressive collection of poems in her book, “The Journey of a Rainbow…: My Poetic Journal Mind Views.” In this, she touches on the subjects of love, God, and even the aphorisms of a microbiologist. Her distinct writing style and rhythmic cues add soul and brevity to her words, making them stand out despite many poems featuring these themes.

Another exciting feature of this book is its overall presentation of several themes. As you read through the author’s work, you can clearly imagine and feel the writer’s experiences.

From the tragedy of the September 11 attacks to her interpretation of famous poems, the author offers readers a different way for readers of all ages to enjoy poems they see fit.

As a microbiologist, the author also does a fascinating job of injecting art into her work. Many may dismiss science as logical, rational, and free from emotion, but the author demonstrates that there is art and beauty in studying the microscopic lifeform. In a way, her work bridges science and art into one and makes it enjoyable for all. After all, if our innate curiosities do not fuel us, how can science and art exist?

In short, poetry lovers and even novices of the art form will find this book an irreplaceable asset in their library. Poetry should be enjoyed and open to interpretation—both concepts the author has demonstrated so effortlessly in her work. Learning to interpret poetry in your way is also an art form, which makes this a perfect introduction to understanding the beauty of poetry and words as a whole.


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