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Molly the Trolley and Bud


Ryke Leigh Douglas

There are sporadic moments in our life that are unbridled no matter how hard we try to cope. The feeling of unimportance and neglect can be too bothersome to the point where we’ll anxiously think to ourselves that one day we’d be left to rust and be forgotten like our trolley, Molly. Aging is a process we can neither stop nor prevent since years pass by like a swift kiss of the wind. Ryke Leigh Douglas once again enchants us with a book that enlightens anyone of all ages with a beautiful life lesson blended with entertainment. I’d know for sure that her stories are perfect because this is not the only book that I’ve read and loved!

Molly the Trolley and Bud is a brief story that apprises the readers with friendship, trust, and promises. It gets us asking, “How much can I rely on my closest friend when I need him/her the most?” Life is not always jolly and sunny. It can be pretty tough dealing with bad days alone. The book is a reminder of how blessed we are with bonds that are unbreakable, way more than we thought they would be. Not only that, but it also provides educational content on transportation.

The illustrations in the book are vibrant and intricate, making the reading experience positive and indelible. It doesn’t go beyond its purpose of exuding scene guidance to the readers. Douglas also assured that the vocabulary used is lucid so anyone can enjoy reading perpetually. I’m confident that everyone else will surely love this awe-inspiring literary piece.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023