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Moon Over Seaville: Episode 2:
In Search of Aginsky's Mind

by Dr. Leighton J. Reynolds

Author Dr. Leighton J. Reynolds continues the fiery saga of Moon Over Seaville with this second episode, In Search of Aginsky’s Mind.

After having his home destroyed by the incendiary events of the first episode, psychoanalyst Dr. Roger Sterling decides to see what he can find in the rubble and discovers an old suitcase containing notes until then forgotten by time. Those are the notes of Dr. Burt Aginksy, a character who actually existed, detailing an incredible theory that addressed the constant ongoing evolutionary development of the Universe. This happening reflects and mimics real life – and the real Aginksy’s theory of the “ongoing evolutionary development of the Universe”.

The search for answers that the theory brings, paired with the wildfires that ravage California, the mystery of all the money in Aginsky’s possessions, and the disappearance of the mysterious teenager named Darlene, put Sterling in the middle of a veritable tornado of flames.

At the same time, a retired firefighter named Jerry begins to connect the dots about the arsonist’s motives and speculates that perhaps more significant forces are at work. His investigation intersects with Sterling in a generational conflict that will make Jerry confront his own values and worldview.

Adding to the complexity of the story, Episode Two works with a 3-way connection between a huge firestorm building in the Seaville Valley, Dr. Sterling’s colleague CB and her struggles to stay alive in Frog Pond Hollow, Tennessee, and the pursuit of the 4 run-a-way teenage girls by a sex-trafficking ring hiding out in the Hudson River Valley.  And throughout Episode Two, the tension is constantly mounting as the process of synchronicity builds between the 3 locations.  

Moon Over Seaville: Episode 2: In Search of Aginsky’s Mind delves deep into existential, philosophical, and metaphysical themes without abandoning the drives of action, sensuality, and suspense that are so well-established in the four books in the series. The book is indispensable for those who have read the first episode. It also serves as an excellent invitation to those who have not yet read Episode One.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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