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Moral Fibre: A Bomber Pilot's Story

by Helena P. Schrader PhD

Converging the worlds of history, academics, psychology, and aviation, is Helena Schrader’s sequel to Lack of Moral Fibre, the Moral Fibre: A Bomber Pilot’s Story. Full of evaluative life lessons, it starts with Flight Engineer Kit Moran’s conversation with Dr. Grace, a psychiatrist with whom he had a meaningful talk regarding his fears, cowardice, and refusal to be involved in another raid.

Posted as Lack of Moral Fibre (LMF), Moran’s journey in grieving, overcoming, and loving his dead best friend’s fiancee, Georgina, brings the reader to both the world of aviation and academics in some places in Europe and Africa when his decision to risk for a second chance brings the question: to die or to live?

Historical accounts during the Second World War feel much more alive and modern, with stories of recovery, risks, and faith not in mere human visions but with someone Almighty. From traumatic experiences to the story of healing, the book also discusses accounts of racism, as experienced by Moran’s mother.

Another discussion is on liberation and feminism, reflected in both Fiona and Georgina’s characters, in one confrontational conversation which showcases how brilliant Schrader’s writing is. Indeed, there’s more to flying and teaching stories, with all the unique experiences of every character in the book.

The usage of jargon, for example, does not make the story difficult to understand. Schrader details every term through her notes, and she perfectly describes aviation-related terms through a character’s command or response during operations. To capture the reader’s interest, the witty statements between Moran and his crew and Georgina and their family make it an interesting read. Schrader’s flexible command of capturing the attention of the readers who are fond of history, education, and aviation, is ultimately commendable.

One of the many valuable statements from the book says, “You can’t be happy by denying yourself a future,” Edwin tells his daughter, Georgina. There’s more to this book than stories of historical accounts of the RAF (Royal Air Force) and Moran’s journey. For those who wish to explore different worlds, learn new things, and reflect on their life decisions, this book is a great choice.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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