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Multi Award-Winning Author Releases Four Captivating Stories, Each Showcasing Her Versatility

Award-winning author Alice Weil has released four books throughout her work as an author. As a half-American, half-German writer, she grew up in Colombia and attended the French and German school resulting in her fluency in four languages.

Her first book, “Survival: A Story of Friendship,” explores how a friendship can blossom even in the most tumultuous of periods between two young boys. Set in the end of World War I, it explores the rise of the Nazi movement which leads to the World War II. In June 2020, the book received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for “Best Book in the Category of History.” This achievement to acknowledge independently published authors by the National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE), a group of seasoned editor-judges that aim to aid authors in promoting their books within the market.

Her next book, “Kidnapped,” touches on a very personal event in her life. After being kidnapped and held in a dark cell in Colombia for 269 days, she recalls her experiences on what it means to survive without losing her sanity. The result of this event continues to shape the way she approaches her life up until this day. The book also won an award for the “Best Book in the Category of Memoir” during the Summer of 2020.

Next is a book that touches on fundamental environmental issues. In “Mother Nature and the Agent,” the author includes illustrations in her brief yet informative tale on why everyone must help preserve the environment. A sudden departure from her usual story of grit and survival, she showcases her versatility without compromising her writing style.

Her latest book is a sequel to her first. “Survival: A Story of Friendship–Part 2” has similar themes to her first one. This time the story is set during the ravages of World War II as it explores how a mother and son were able to flee from the Nazis. Through hard work, sacrifice, and dealing with the odds against you—this tale tackles the enduring nature of the human spirit and what perseverance can do for you. Not surprisingly, this book won the Pinnacle Award of “Best Book in the Category of History”.

Readers will be satisfied to know that all of Alice Weil’s books are available on Amazon in eBook, physical copies, and audiobook formats. Additionally, she also has a website that hosts an active blog. Visit her site at aliceweilnovels.com for more updates.


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