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My Sister My Twin

by Linda McClung

Despite being twins, Kate and Alex Carter was anything but alike. Growing up, Kate had always been the more responsible one, while Alex was the more adventurous of the two. As they grew up together with their family, it’s clear that their relationship was anything but harmonious before they eventually grew apart. Now post-college, Kate is currently working in her first year of residency, while Alex spends her time teaching in middle school.

However, this distance was soon broken when Kate received a call from their mother. Alex has acute myeloid leukemia, which may require extensive chemotherapy and possibly a blood marrow transplant. As Kate returns to her childhood home, it soon becomes apparent just how strained their sisterly relationship was and how severe Alex’s condition is.

From normal sibling rivalry to problems relating to matters of the heart—it’s clear that the rift between the two had only amplified over the years. Still, a tiny sliver of hope remains as this tragedy may be the catalyst that can finally encourage the healing process.

With a loving family, second-chance love, and God’s grace—it’s never too late to realize just how special a sisters’ bond truly is.

Author Linda McClung offers a heartwarming tale about two sisters whose relationship has always been rocky. As the story gradually shifts from Kate and Alex’s perspectives, the reader gets an opportunity to see how their dynamic evolved throughout the years.

The author does a remarkable job of showcasing the complexities of sisterhood rivalry—showcasing both sisters’ strengths and weaknesses as they grow throughout the years. She also takes special care in showcasing how sibling rivalry affects the family, making it a realistic yet grounded issue that every family can recognize and empathize with.

All in all, “My Sister My Twin” is a definite read for anyone with a complicated sibling relationship. As you read through the pages of pain, hurt, and longing for connection—perhaps you’ll find the strength to also move forward and bridge the gap between your distant family member. It is never too late.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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