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New Children’s Book by L.J. Golicz, ‘A Fish Called Bad Eyes,’ Dives into Environmental Conservation

In an enchanting blend of adventure and environmental awareness, L.J. Golicz’s latest publication, “A Fish Called Bad Eyes: Finding Marsha’s Glasses” embarks on an underwater journey that promises to captivate young readers and teach vital lessons about preserving our oceans.

The book introduces us to Bad Eyes, a Manini fish with poor eyesight, and his unexpected friend, Marsha, a scuba diver. This delightful narrative, set in the vibrant ecosystem of a Hawaiian reef, is more than just a story; it’s a call to action for environmental conservation and the importance of community effort.

When Bad Eyes discovers Marsha’s lost glasses, his world transforms. Not only does his vision improve, but he also gains a deeper understanding of the perils facing his underwater home. The book addresses complex themes such as the impact of illegal fishing and the need for sustainable practices, making these issues accessible and engaging for children.

L.J. Golicz, drawing from a rich tapestry of life experiences and a background in law enforcement, infuses the story with authenticity and excitement. His characters, from the intelligent octopus to the watchful barracudas, are not just characters in a book but ambassadors of the ocean, teaching young minds about the delicate balance of nature.

In a statement, the author remarked, “I hope ‘A Fish Called Bad Eyes’ will inspire children to look at the world around them with wonder and a sense of responsibility. It’s a story about seeing clearly – not just through a pair of glasses, but in understanding our role in protecting our planet.”

The book is not only a testament to the author’s storytelling prowess but also a crucial educational tool. It’s an invitation for families to discuss the importance of environmental stewardship and the power of working together for a common cause.

The Moving Words Review stated, “Golicz makes it easy for readers of all ages to immerse themselves in this underwater world. The author deftly fits lessons about environmental conservation and the consequences of illegal fishing into the story without ever feeling didactic. For example, it illustrates how overfishing and illegal practices can harm fragile ecosystems like coral reefs. Through the various characters’ experiences, we can learn about the devastating impact of gill nets and the importance of sustainable fishing practices. The book also emphasizes the significance of community and cooperation. Bad Eyes and his friends, including Marsha, band together to protect their beloved reef, demonstrating the strength of collective responsibility—reminding us of our role in safeguarding the environment in the real world.”

The book, published by Book Savvy International Inc., is available for purchase on Amazon. It’s a must-read for parents and educators looking to instill a love for nature and a sense of responsibility in the next generation.

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