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People of God - One and All: Come and Be…

by Edith A. Close-Vaziri

Poetry has become a rarer art by the day, and when it comes to gospel poetry, it can be even more infrequent. After all, the world nowadays is full of noise and confusion that crushes divine inspiration if you are unwilling to let your heart be open to spirituality. That is why poet Edith A. Close-Vaziri’s book, People of God – One and All: Come and Be… is a precious oasis amidst the arid desert of trivial materialism we live in.

Edith A. Close-Vaziri opens her collection of poems with a piece that guides the reader, introducing the main vectors of her inspiration and naming each theme that dictates the poems. They will serve as the basis, or core ideas, for each group of verses throughout her book.

At first, the author ponders on the meaning of being rooted in God’s grace, living in His hope as His Holy Nation as He showers us with blessings. Then, she reflects on our relationship with God as the Holy Trinity and how His love surrounds and fills us with joy.

The themes go on and follow a rhythm much like those in the Psalms. Still, all of Close-Vaziri’s works are fresh: she even shows the biblical passages that inspired her to write the piece – which works as a tender invitation for the reader to learn more about the scriptures and get more enlightened through reading from the source.

Also worthy of note is that the author keeps her words accurate to the book’s name. She speaks of the People of God without prejudice – that means her poems often involve not only Christians and Christian topics but also Jews, Muslims, and other communities of God’s children that live upon God’s creation, even if they do not always share beliefs in common. After all, the People of God comprehend One and All, and His Grace is not exclusive – it is offered to all of us with equal measures of love and generosity.

Suppose you are looking for inspired verses that will lead you to be more in touch with the Bible and His Holy Spirit. In that case, there is no need to look any further: People of God – One and All: Come and Be… is among the best works the Holy Spirit has inspired, penned by a knowledgeable yet very down-to-earth author.

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