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Reasons To Have an Audiobook Version of Your Book

Audiobooks have become a popular option for readers who don’t have the time to sit back and actually read. Audiobooks are so convenient because they are inexpensive, and buyers can sit back and relax while a professional narrator reads the book to them. Many people listen to audiobooks while exercising, driving, and even sleeping.

Nowadays, many online retailers like Amazon have offered audiobooks for sale. Many books on sale on Amazon have print versions, eBooks, and audiobooks. The latter is sold under Amazon’s Audible, which offers exclusive originals and podcasts besides book narration.

People have this idea that only popular or best-selling books have audiobooks available. However, that is not necessarily the case. Self-published authors can use the ACX or Audiobook Creation Exchange to produce and distribute their books on Amazon.

If you are an author with an eBook and printed version on Amazon, here are some reasons why you should invest in also publishing an audiobook:

1. It reaches a broader audience.

Audiobooks are gaining popularity because of their ease of access and overall convenience. Audiobooks also make it accessible for more readers, like people who don’t like reading in a traditional sense, individuals with vision issues, and even foreign readers from other countries who want to improve their English!

2. Audiobooks help boost an author’s platform and marketability.

Audiobooks are more than just convenient for the user; they also benefit the author. Aside from audiobooks making more accessible for readers, audiobooks can help the author by generating interest, establishing credibility, and growing their professional brand as an author. Audiobooks also offer authors an additional revenue stream, making them a viable source of extra income.

3. Well-narrated audiobooks can establish an emotional connection with readers.

Most children had the experience of having a parent or teacher read a story to them. Publishing an audiobook and having a professional narrator read your work to readers help provide a new yet familiar experience with various readers. Professional narrators also add emotional depth to the book’s text, punctuating their words with more emotion so the listener can feel like they’re also a part of the plot. Additionally, having a professional narrator reading the story creates an emotional connection with the listeners.

Note: It’s crucial to note that not all authors are equal. Before you invest in just any narrator because their rates are affordable, make sure their voice and quality are something you are happy with.

4. There are many opportunities in the audiobook industry.

In 2022, reports show that audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in publishing. While audiobooks have grown before the pandemic hit, growth indicates that there are no signs of stopping anytime soon, with audiobooks projected to become a $19 billion industry by 2027. This projection gives hope that authors can earn more income if they invest in high-quality audiobook publishing and marketing. Fortunately, there are various options to publish your audiobooks, depending on your budget.

5. Audiobooks help boosts other formats of your work.

Audiobooks are affordable and readily available, making it a fun purchase for people of various ages. People impressed by the story (plot or narration) will likely check out other versions of the author’s work. This exposure effect can help boost sales of the author’s work in different formats, thus creating a wave of interest and an overall profit increase.

6. Audiobooks are affordable and easy to make.

Back then, narrating books in audio format like tapes or CDs were relatively expensive. After all, narrators must go to a studio to use bulky audio editing equipment.

Nowadays, countless narrators (some of which are freelancers) have home studios where they read your books and edit them accordingly. Suppose you’re an author hoping to boost more interest in your book. In that case, it may help to work with a professional audiobook narrator with flexible rates.

How Do I Get My Book Published in Audio Format?

Now that you know the advantages of publishing an audiobook, here are some steps you need to take to publish your work in audio format.

1. Choose a platform.

There are many platforms on how authors can have an audiobook version of their work published. Depending on your platform and where you’re selling (Amazon, Kobo, etc.), you may need to compare various audiobook publishing formats’ rates and service quality.

Some of the most popular audiobook publishing platforms include:

  • ACX: Amazon’s audiobook marketplace, which helps authors to have their audiobooks available on Audible.
  • Findaway Voices: Offers various services to market your audiobook, including picking your narrator, high royalties, and Spotify distribution.
  • Kobo Writing Life: Self-published authors who don’t mind producing audiobooks on their terms will find this helpful.

2. Determine your budget.

After determining your platform, set a specific budget aside to ensure your audiobook is published in high-quality. That means researching the average cost of freelance narrators, selecting whether you prefer to narrate yourself (in which case, you’ll have to invest in various equipment), and finding ways to make it accessible to multiple channels.

3. Market your work.

After you’re satisfied with your audiobook, your next step as an author is to market it. While some authors have the luxury of having publishing houses and professional teams sell their work for them, most self-published authors must find ways to generate interest in their work from a broader audience.

If you’re a self-published author, consider using social media to your advantage by providing promo codes, bundles, and even giveaway contests on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter!

The Bottomline:

Publishing an audiobook has more benefits than risks. While it may require more time, money, and effort, publishing an audiobook can boost your credibility as an author while allowing you to reach a broader audience.

Suppose you’re a self-published author on a budget. In that case, do some research before deciding which platform to publish your audiobook and how to use social media to your advantage. Remember, most investments take time, so while there may be costs in producing an audiobook, there are opportunities that you can’t avoid. Good luck!


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