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Reflections III: The Magic Beyond the Pain: The Journey, My Impact, Their Impact


Dalia Vernikovsky

“My life rich with experience, so good and so bad, I have once yearned for death, unimaginable, -and sad, That I,-that someone, could reach lows so low to make that call, And so out of control, that it was easier to fall, Prey to the worst, and to the thought of such madness.” This passage shows the author’s genuine vulnerability and her path of resilience. Dalia Vernikovsky openly shares her innermost thoughts in this book, narrating her challenges and moments of difficulty, which will likely resonate with numerous readers. Nevertheless, she emerges from these demanding experiences with renewed fervor and resolve, showcasing the incredible potential of self-belief.

One takeaway in “Reflections III: The Magic Beyond the Pain: The Journey, My Impact, Their Impact” is the indomitable strength of being human, which can rise above misfortune and find hope even in the darkest times. Dalia’s reflections serve as a beacon of optimism, inspiring readers to believe in the power of self-discovery and the potential to impact the lives of others positively.

“Watch out, world, – as I deepen my resolve. To make this world a better place, And find a way to brighten someone’s face. As many as possible, as far as I can reach.”

This line and more chronicle the personal odyssey of a remarkable woman with an unwavering spirit. The book is divided into several fragments, each brimming with introspective poetry linking emotions, realizations, and aspirations. Dalia’s verses offer a glimpse into her soul, uncovering her triumphs and tribulations, her joys and heartaches, and, ultimately, her profound growth. A heartfelt collection that reveals her untiring cheerfulness, even in the face of adversity.

It’s easy to connect with her thoughts and feelings as well—through words that flow with grace, evoking empathy and understanding. Therefore, inspiring readers to examine their own lives and find their inner strength.

Throughout the pages, the author creates an authentic connection with her readers by showing her vulnerabilities and allowing readers to see themselves in her circumstance. Her book serves as a testament to the human capacity to overcome hardships and discover the magic that lies beyond pain. In “Reflections III,” Dalia invites readers to a profound escapade that encourages introspection and ignites a sense of hope. A book for anyone seeking motivation to find meaning, joy, and fulfillment on their own path of self-awareness.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024