Renee Smith

Renee Smith is the author of Buggy and the Blue Frog which was awarded with the Gold Seal logo of Literary Excellence by The US Review of Books. Here’s their review:

As a parent of nine children, Smith has extensive knowledge of the sorts of topics and writing styles that can capture a child’s attention. The characters in her story have funny names—such as Mrs. Smelly Cat and Chocolate—that children are sure to find delightful… Children often struggle to find their own voice; many of them keep silent when confronted with troubling situations such as feeling left out or socially awkward. Smith’s work can serve as a helpful springboard for parents to discuss these issues with their youngsters and help them find their own voice.

ForeWord Clarion Review gave Renee Smith’s book a thumps up remark:

Buggy and the Blue Frog by Renee Smith is a children’s picture book about the importance of being yourself. This cute story has a good moral with lovable characters. Smith’s characters are enjoyable, each with their own personality. With delightful characters and a great moral, Buggy and the Blue Frog will please children.

You can check the author’s website.