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21-Day Midnight Prayer Booklet and Devotional: A Guide to a Consistent Midnight Prayer Life by Evangelist Joy Nyere

Midnight is the peak time in our day where the deep-seated feelings start to crawl in. The questions, wonders, and worries come clashing altogether, driving us emotionally drained.

Who do you call for, whenever you need a shoulder to cry on? For someone who seeks the perfect escape to this daily sigh, are you ready to give midnight prayers a steady try?

The educational and spiritual guidance by Evangelist Joy Nyere in her 21-Day Midnight Prayer Booklet and Devotional: A Guide to a Consistent Midnight Prayer Life is definitely a great find! Not only does it provide the readers with prayer points using Bible verses, it also speaks for the author’s personal experiences and testimonies.

Throughout the book, the author emphasized the importance of staying consistent with her guided daily prayers. Each chapter provides a joyful day to offer praise and acknowledgment to the Lord with a step-by-step approach. It also shares a holy embrace in ways that let us know He is always with us, even when we are sleeping.

The wonders, however, do not stop there. What’s noteworthy about this book is how the author actively engages her audience by strategically including reflection opportunities after each chapter. This broadens the book’s appeal beyond the author and her own life experiences, thus giving the reader a sense of belongingness. In other words, reading this book would not make anyone feel alone.

Prayer requires consistency and will. Anyone can pray but the choice to be stable in your prayer routine demands utmost self-control and direction. Upon reading the author’s booklet, I noticed the progressive structure for each day. The transition from every step made the whole process feel easy and light to the heart. It doesn’t involve any complicated instructions that’ll turn the reader off along the way. Here’s the sweet part, the journey doesn’t end in 21 days for it can be reused for months and even years!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Evangelist Joy Nyere is a born-again Christian who has a passion for an unwavering journey with Christ. She was born into the Catholic Charismatic church and was trained as a minister by her parents who are ministers of God. All through her teenage and adult years, she continues to serve in God’s vineyard. She did her baptism in the Holy Ghost and then joined the evangelical ministry during her teen years.

She became a teaching minister while in the university before relocating. She moved base to the USA and experienced a backsliding period that led to her encountering Jesus Christ. Hence, God changed her life for good and restored her, and has since been using her to reach out to souls. She teaches the youth Bible class, creates content for all ages on her YouTube channel @ “Sharing the Word”, and creates several Bible learning materials on her website. She is blessed with 3 beautiful children.

She is an RN, BSN, and has a master’s degree in nursing, and currently works as a nurse in the health care sector.