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by H. A. Stuart

Does it ever cross your mind if your life is predetermined by destiny? Just when you think your life is starting to make sense, it always finds ways to turn things in various directions somehow.

In an ever-enthralling cascade of events, Scott Deluca, a mercenary who goes by the alias 35, shares his experiences in a story about significant turning points in his life. After starting as a frail 205-pound hippie trying to avoid the draft, he transformed into a well-paid mercenary earning far more than he could have ever dreamed. He begins to tell his life’s story in this book by H.A. Stuart, emphasizing the question, “Out of all people, why me?”.

The book begins with Scott being convicted of the murder of his wife, Rebecca, out of blinded rage when he found out she was having an affair. While under interrogation from the authorities, his guilt took over. After admitting to the crime, he was sentenced to death by lethal shot. Eleven years later, on the day he was due for execution, an unexpected yet familiar visitor came by his cell to bring him the most compelling offer.

The book 35 by H.A. Stuart provides a vivid and robust viewpoint of how Scott’s life has turned from bad to good and then to worst. An intensive recapitulation is conveyed in each chapter of this riveting work of art. Thus, enticing its readers to keep reading while intricately absorbing the story as it progresses. The novel is an easy read for those who enjoy a good thriller. This book has an incredible feeling of coherence. Stuart, the author, does not spare any details from the readers when he recounts significant events in Scott’s life. A fantastic piece of writing!

What happens to Scott? What does he do as a mercenary, and who does he work for? In this highly acclaimed work of fiction, find out what happens to Scott as he shares with us how money and power influence people. From the willingness to take on a naval career to the work of ridding the world of dangerous people, these are just some of the last resorts a person can make to pay for their survival.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022