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Review – A Fish Called Bad Eyes: Finding Marsha’s Glasses


Larry Golicz

“A Fish Called Bad Eyes: Finding Marsha’s Glasses” by Larry Golicz offers readers a timeless lesson that resonates with modern life—the importance of environmental conservation and the power of collaboration. Through the adventures of its charming aquatic characters, this book exemplifies how a united effort can bring about positive change, serving as an allegory for our own responsibility to protect our environment and work together towards a sustainable future.

Golicz’s tale unfolds in the vibrant underwater world of the reef, where the curious and determined Manini, affectionately known as “Bad Eyes,” found Marsha’s lost glasses. What starts as a simple quest for the Manini to return the glasses soon evolves into an inspiring journey of discovery, friendship, and environmental stewardship.

The story takes us to the life beneath the ocean’s surface, where colorful characters like Marsha, the wise and caring scuba-diver, and Bad Eyes, the brave and friendly protector of the reef, come to life. As Bad Eyes uses Marsha’s glasses to guard their Manini school, the reef and its inhabitants face various challenges, including the ominous presence of the “web” and the dangers of illegal fishing.

Golicz makes it easy for readers of all ages to immerse themselves in this underwater world. The author deftly fits lessons about environmental conservation and the consequences of illegal fishing into the story without ever feeling didactic. For example, it illustrates how overfishing and illegal practices can harm fragile ecosystems like coral reefs. Through the various characters’ experiences, we can learn about the devastating impact of gill nets and the importance of sustainable fishing practices. The book also emphasizes the significance of community and cooperation. Bad Eyes and his friends, including Marsha, band together to protect their beloved reef, demonstrating the strength of collective responsibility—reminding us of our role in safeguarding the environment in the real world.

“A Fish Called Bad Eyes: Finding Marsha’s Glasses” by Larry Golicz, the latest publication in 2023 with a new cover picture, ISBN 978-961250-27-7, is a beautiful story that blends adventure, friendship, and environmental awareness—a true valuable addition to the literary world. It offers a timeless lesson that we all have a part to play in preserving our natural world, as relevant today as it has ever been.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024