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Bits and Pieces

by Elizabeth F. Campbell

The message is loud, but it is not always clear, but good values from the Bible and man setting the path, and the knowledgeable guidance of the words in this book makes it understandable and credible. That is the main goal of Bits and Pieces, the author’s newest work in a series of eye-opening texts.

True to its name, Bits and Pieces offers exactly that: a throughout analysis of what God asks of us, how His message comes forth, and how to decode it. Seemingly basic passages from the Word of God hide deeper truths, and the author brings her plethora of tools to get it all exposed for the reader’s sake. Not only that but there are also several instances in which the author dissects current trends and values – including the true meaning behind COVID-19, the experiences it has brought upon mankind, and what can be learned from it all.

It is also notable how Elizabeth’s background and life serve as the basis to offer crystal-clear aid to those who feel they are lost in their everyday routine – which, quite frankly, is a fitting description to most, if not all, of us.

She ponders about beginnings, ends, the silver lining in stormy clouds, the hidden symbolism of nursery rhymes, and how we are often blind people trying to lead other blind people. All of that comes surrounded by studies in gematria, the foundational key to unlock those secrets.

To sum it up, Bits and Pieces is an amalgamation of wisdom, prudence, attention, and perhaps even closure for the later years of life. It is a definite read for those who want to touch and dive into the spiral of causality that is, in its whole self, a library of messages for those who know where to look.

– The Moving Words Review

Official entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022



About the Author

My book is the beginning of the end, the first, and the last of life. From a baby to adulthood and further into times, the opening of doors in-universe, to improvement in our understanding of how it can be done in fairness to all mankind. This book tries to explain by theory the wonders of old-time saying, vision experiences of my upbringing, wise words, songs, and our words that have no wings but can fly. How they fly you might ask, it will be explained in this book. By all means, have your theories as ever theories will have a place in time when it is used to balance the clouds formation. Wonders are good at this book based on my theories. Wonders, actions, thoughts, deeds, old-time sayings, and nursery rhymes (have adult meanings). BUT FIRST, correct own mistakes in oneself, then in your children, after that, its wisdom years up, down to the family tree, outer branches and back into the trunk, the trunk and the leaning post in waiting. I am the beginning, the end, the first, and the last from Jesus to the gods that surround our family trees. I can open any door that no one can shut and shut any door that no one can open. I am from A-Z and from 1-9. Words have no wings but can fly for miles. Words once spoken can never be recalled. But they have their uses in God’s wisdom, words, and path.