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TMW Book Reviews

Breaking Free from the Inner Critic

by Kalie Marino

Breaking Free from the Inner Critic is a revolutionary book to rewire our brains to overcome our innermost limitations. We have been programmed by our environment from the very first moment we were born. From there onwards, we absorb the thoughts, teaching, emotions that people around us expressed towards us. We derive meanings from these experiences.

Soon this becomes the foundation of our consciousness. This in turn infuses anxiety, fear, and negative emotions in our mind. This inner critic drags us behind from everything that we want to do in our lifetime. This book presents powerful tools to reprogram our mind to break free from the limits we created over time.

The author gives a new perspective on self-improvement. I realized the extent of inner critic’s influence on our thoughts and activities. Our environment is feeding the inner critic more subjects to explore each day. We are consuming more criticism than positivity. This was an eye-opener for me.

The book is written in a perfect structure. The author supports her claims with real-life examples, events from history, and theology. The first part of the book is dedicated to the analysis of criticism and how we are addicted to it and wired this trait in our brain. The author supplements her arguments by giving psychological evidence. After a thorough explanation about the nature of this addiction, she then moves on to the symptoms. The next part concentrates on the solution to this problem.

Overall, this is a well-written book. The author adopted an interactive style of narration rather than a monotonous one. Throughout the book, every technique and idea is presented with a pinch of humor. This tone helped me to glide through the pages very easily.

– The Moving Words Review

About the Author

Kalie Marino, MSW, is a holistic and spiritual counselor, a social worker, ordained interfaith minister, respected leader in the field of personal growth, and popular public speaker. An expert on relationships, spirituality, and transformation, she reaches people with her positive message about personal power, love, and changing conscious states of mind.

Kalie was blessed to travel and study with some of the world’s greatest spiritual and transformational teachers as well as quantum physics theorists throughout the world. She has led seminars all over the country integrating these subjects. 

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