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Cosmic Harmony

by Avatar X

When the world around us seems too heavy to bear, we often find ourselves longing for simpler times, the fresh breeze of a lazy morning, the scents from nature in the air after a rainy night… While we may not always have the time to pay attention to the small details that make life worthwhile, art works as a wonderful tool to draw us back into those nostalgic moments.

For that matter, allow me to present you the aptly named book Cosmic Harmony: A Poetry Anthology, by mysterious author Avatar X. As the name says, this is a collection of poems divided into three books, and it provides a full-depth dive into the harmonic universe that permeates us, using gems that have been carefully handcrafted by the author, with heavy inspiration from Japanese haiku and the masters of Eastern poetry, such as Buddhist Ry?kan Taigu, Confucianist San’Y?, and the great Fukuda Chiyo-ni, among several others. Their words help to frame the author’s work, appearing in-between and blending with Avatar X’s poems. The Zen focus that Avatar X imprints on Cosmic Harmony: A Poetry Anthology is almost palpable. It invites us to gaze at the full moon after a lustful night; to listen to the song of the wind; to enjoy the immense life inside the tiniest creatures;

to notice the unwavering flow of time through a miniature walnut tree that grew on the train tracks only because they’ve been left unused by modern technology. It is a truly magical ride, one that does not require you to be a literature scholar to understand – and that is exactly why the author’s messages are so powerful in their simplicity.

If you are getting your feet wet with poetry, this book is a soothing, warm puddle that you can safely land in. Drift away from modern life on a maple tree’s leaf, gently dancing by the wind, as you read Cosmic Harmony: A Poetry Anthology.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022