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Darling the Orphan Princess

by Sheila Chapple

Becoming a princess is part of most little girls’ dreams. To wake up with lovely dresses, lots of shoes, undeniable beauty, effortless grace, and being loved by everyone is indeed a wonderful life. Darling is among the few of those lucky girls who get to live this dream come true.

Darling the Orphan Princess by Shelia Chapple tells us the journey this little princess had to go through as she discovers who she truly is. However, a princess is never complete if her own real identity is her missing piece.

Darling remembers an image from her past that shakes her entire identity. What could be the end game of Darling’s life in royalty?

The story is a perfect combination of fantasy and reality in its own creative way. There are illustrations that add vibrance to particular scenes, making the reading experience exciting and amusing.

The unexpected turn of events for this princess will definitely keep your kids excited to flip to the next page.

It’s a short book but carries our imagination as far as it can take. The illustrations are brightly colored and drawn in a detailed and artistic cartoon style to help your kids visualize every scene in a fun way. In addition, the author utilized a writing style which is not complicated for kids to understand, thus, allowing them to catch on to the story quickly. The book can also be enjoyed by teens and adults who seek stories that are light to the emotions but carry a deeper message about identity.

Reading does not necessarily have to be boring. As long as the book is paired with the right words and a beautiful story, anyone of all ages can enjoy reading. Darling the Orphan Princess does just that.

– The Moving Words Review


About the Author

Sheila Chapple is no stranger to hard work. She discovered her talent for writing at an early age. Being raised with seven children in a two-bedroom house gave Sheila’s work a real challenge. She finally made a breakthrough at the age of eight – selling stories for an income. Sheila dedicates her book to her father (Willie) and her mother (Louise).